Best songs of 1948: Wrap Up 3

November 12, 2017

And the Songs of Yore Award for the Best Duet goes to?

Kyun unhe dil diyaAs per the long-term average, female solos outnumber male solos by a big margin, with duets somewhere in between. The same is true for the year 1948. My list of 114/115 MEMORABLE SONGS in the Overview post has the following break-up:


Male solos        –  26
Female solos    –  53
Duets                  –  36
       TOTAL    –   115

Besides the significant number, the duets present  interesting variety of combinations of singers. This category also includes all male or female duets, and songs by more than two singers (which could be all male or female or mixed). I count the chorus songs in which there is only one identifiable dominating voice as a solo of that singer.

We have seen in Wrap Up 1 that Mukesh was far ahead of the pack in solos. His dominance in duets is even more pronounced, accounting for 14 duets in which he is pairing with a female singer. No other male singer crosses three in my list of memorable songs.

Arunji’s choice for the best duet is Kyun unhe dil diya. Gaddeswarupji continues his unconventional run with his choice of Ayi gori Radhika by Neenu Majumdar and Meena Kapoor from Gopinath. I like this song, and I had included it in the list of ‘Special songs’ for the reason that it is the original tune of LP’s Jasumati maiya se bole Nandlala from Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Shalan Lal’s choice is Taaron ki toliyon par kaisa ye nikhaar by GM Durrani and Shamshad Begum from Ghar Ki Izzat. KS Bhatiaji mentions three songs – Kyun unhe dil diya, Main bhanwra tu hai phool and Layi Khushi ki duniya, and selects Main bhanwra tu hai phool by Mukesh and Shamshad Begum from Mela as the best duet.

As usual I go down the list and shortlist the best duets male singer-wise in the first cut.


Mukesh duets
1. Raat ko ji chamke tare – Mukesh and Shamshad Begum (Aag)
2. Bhool gaye kyun de ke sahara – Mukesh and Shamshad Begum (Anokhi Ada)
3. Tere naaz uthaane ko ji chahata hai – Mukesh and Shamshad Begum (Grihasthi)
4. Dharti ko akash pukaare – Mukesh and Shamshad Begum (Mela)
5. Ayi sawan ritu ayi – Mukesh and Shamshad Begum (Mela)
6. Main bahnwra tu hai phool – Mukesh and Shamshad Begum (Mela)
7. Ek teer chalaanewale ne dil loot liya – Mukesh and Sitara Kanpuri (Pugree)
8. Layi Khushi ki duniya – Mukesh and Suraiya (Vidya)
Rafi duets
9. More Raja ho le chal nadiya ke paar – Rafi and Lalita Deulkar (Nadiya Ke Paar)
Surendra duets
10. Kyun unhein dil diya – Surendra and Shamshad Begum (Anokhi Ada)
GM Durrani duets
11. Taaron ki toliyon par kaisa ye nikhar – GM Durrani and Shamshad Begum (Ghar Ki Izzat)
Other duets
12. Sansar ke aadhar daya hum pe dikhaao – Pankaj Mullick and Utpala Sen (Anjangarh)
13. Ayi gori Radhika – Neenu Majumdar and Meena Kapoor (Gopinath)
14. Kathwa ke naiya banaihe re malahawa – Chitalkar, Lalita Deulkar, P Chandar and SL Puri (Nadiya Ke Paar)
15. Maar gayo re more dil pe katari – Chitalkar and Shamshad Begum (Nadiya Ke Paar)
16. Khushiyan manayein kyun na hum – Chitalkar, Rafi and GM Sajan/ Shamshad Begum, Mohantara and Lata Mangeshkar (Khidki)
17. Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan shaheed ho – Rafi and Khan Mastana (Shaheed)

Special songs

1. Taaron ki toliyon pe kaisa hai ye nikhaar by GM Durrani and Shamshad Begum from Ghar Ki Izzat, lyrics IC Kapoor, music Pt. Govind Ram

We should thank Shalan Lal for introducing us to this beautiful duet. Since we have a large number of outstanding well-known songs, I am not including it in the main list.

2. Sansar ke aadhar daya hum pe dikhaao by Pankaj Mullick and Utpala Sen from Anjangarh, lyrics Pt. Bhushan, music RC Boral

The songs has the feel of New Theatres, but they were no longer at the peak and the Hindi film music had changed. Let us enjoy this song which is a throwback to the era of the New Theatres.

3. Kathwa ke naiya banayihe re malahawa by Chitalkar, Lalita Deulkar, P Chandar and SL Puri from Nadiya Ke Paar. Lyrics Moti B.A., music C Ramchandra

R Ramchandra composed many outstanding songs in Nadiya Ke Paar in the backdrop of boatmen’s village. Here is one such song which has two unknown singers: P Chandar and SL Puri.


1. Kyun unhein dil diya by Surendra and Shamshad Begum from Anokhi Ada, lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, music Naushad

One of the best compositions of Naushad ever. Surendra’s virtually last gasp of singing career, but what gorgeous singing.

2. Main bhanwra tu hai phool by Mukesh and Shamshad Begum from Mela, lyrics ShakeelBadayuni, music Naushad

3. Ayi saawan ritu ayi by Mukesh and Shamshad Begum from Mela, lyrics ShakeelBadayuni, music Naushad

This is one of the joyous songs from the tragic film. It has beautiful orchestra and chorus interludes, which was the hallmark of Naushad.

4. More Raja ho le chal nadiya ke paar by Rafi and Lalita Deulkar from Nadiya Ke Paar, lyrics Moti B.A., music C Ramchandra

I have earlier mentioned that C Ramchandra was among the music directors who gave important place in his early career. This is one of his early superhit songs.

5. Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan Shaheed ho by Rafi and Khan Mastana from Shaheed, lyrics Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, music Ghulam Haider

Rafi would be the undisputed King of patriotic songs. Watan ki raah mein is his everlasting song.

6. Tere naaz uthaane ko ji chaahata hai by Mukesh and Shamshad Begum from Grihasthi, Shakeel Badayuni, music Ghulam Mohammad

This was the year of Mukesh and Shashad Begum. Divine singing, composed equally beautifully by the highly talented Ghulam Mohammad.

7. Ek teer chalanewale ne by Mukesh and Sitara Kanpuri from Pugree, lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, Ghulam Mohammad

8. Dil kaahoo ko deo na..Maar gayo re more dil pe katari by Chitalkar and Shamshad Begum from Nadiya Ke Paar, lyrics Moti B.A., music C Ramchandra

C Ramchandra had a great sense of fun in his singing. I think his conviction made most of the sings sung by him superhits. Here is a sample of his magic with Shamshad Begum, which he would repeat in Patanga, a year later.

9. Layi khushi ki duniya my Mukesh and Suraiya from Vidya, lyrics Anjum Pilibhiti, music SD Burman

Dev Anand-Suraiya’s off-screen romance has made this on-screen romantic duet doubly appealing.

10. Khushiyan manayein kyun na hum, kismet hamaare saath hai…Da da daa da da daa by Rafi, Chitalkar and GM Sajan

Da da daa da da daa da daa da daa became a cult tune down south as was mentioned by N Venkaramanji in one of his posts in the influence of Hindi film songs on Tamil films. Chitalkar had great chemistry with Rafi in many funny songs.

I what could be the only example of a male triad song having a female triad counterpart, this song also has an all-female version, sung by Shamshad Begum, Mohantara and Lata Mangeshkar

In conclusion,

The Songs of Yore Award for the Best Duet of 1948 goes Kyun unhein dil diya sung by Surendra and Shamshad Begum, composed by Naushad.

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1 Anu Warrier November 13, 2017 at 8:50 am

As usual, I have nothing to add – but I did enjoy listening to the songs you listed. And several others you mentioned. 🙂

2 AK November 13, 2017 at 9:25 am

Thanks a lot.

3 Mehfil Mein Meri November 13, 2017 at 9:51 am

Hello AKji
A great post as usual.
Congrats for this detailed post, how you do all this is just creditable.
It’s really difficult
You have accidentally mentioned More Raja Ho, in mukesh duets.

I particularly noted that as it’s my most favorite duet from 1948. So for me it’s the duet of the year. We can also add Anokha pyar duet ‘Ab yaad na kar’ to the mukesh list

Top 10 songs also have some of my other favorites, nearly all.
I can also add, kismet hamster Sath hai female trio is my favorite, male song appears to harsh to me. May b the one I hear is of bad quality.

Thank you so much for this treat.
These wrap ups are treasure for the readers of SoY

4 Ashok M Vaishnav November 13, 2017 at 2:01 pm

As would any SoY year-wise song analyses would go, an all round presentation.

I lag these analyses in my Micro-view series. So would come back gain when I catch up there.

How ever, I would prefer to go so biased that I would unhesitatingly place Watan Ki Raah Mein Watan Ke Nawjawan Shaheed Ho as THE DUET for 1948.

However, that would not met the universally accepted criteria of the film songs duet – a male and a female voice – let me propose Watan Ki.. as joint male-male duet for the year.

5 chellamani November 13, 2017 at 6:58 pm

i fully endorse ashok ji’s views

6 AK November 13, 2017 at 10:59 pm

In duets, I include M-M and any song which has two or more singers. Watan ki raah mein is an excellent duet. Thanks a lot for your comments.

7 AK November 14, 2017 at 6:38 am

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. I had listed More Raja ho under the sub-heading ‘Rafi duets’. Since it was not in bold font it was easy to miss it. Now I have made it bold. After listening to both versions of ‘Kismat hamare sath hai’ carefully, I tend to agree with you that the female version is better.

8 ksbhatia November 15, 2017 at 12:44 am

AK ji;

Was waiting for dust pollution to settle in Delhi and NCR …….One way to combat such gloom is to wake up each day and imagine what you are grateful for……and moved on to my fav. hobbies of making small model houses and simultaneously listening to some fine western classic music ; ultimately moving to SoY.

My eyes rolled as drone over the various songs and that made me extremely happy as my best found their ways and occupied the positions as imagined . The drone however signaled me to upgrade …..layi khushi ki duniya….to a little higher place . Happy to note that…..watan ki raha mein … included in the best ten listing.

The song at no:10 , no doubt is a good and unique song but I feel there could be some other duets which have equal if not better than the…da da daa da … . I will wait for fellow members to respond if they have any other songs in mind .

The year 1948 movies had a strong bench strength . Even the new entrants on the singing scene left a remarkable impressions . During this period and beyond too …..Music Director Vinod gave some wonderful melodies in hindi and punjabi films . His film ….Chaman [ punjabi] ….had great solos and duets . Vinod was the one MD who introduced Lata ji to sing her first punjabi song …..Rahe Rahe Jaandeyaa . The film had a beautiful duet by Karan Deewan and Pushpa Hans …..

Phir kisi di yaad aayi…..

Another alternative to song no 10 could be…..

Dil ke chaman mein aa……Hamida Banu, Uma Devi, Ram Kamlani…..Kajal….

9 AK November 15, 2017 at 7:48 am

KS Bhatiaji,
I am happy you enjoyed the list. The two duets you have linked are top quality. Phir kisi di yaad aayi is poignant typical of Karan Dewan, reminds me of Saawan ke baadlo. Dil ke chaman mein is a nice qawwali – slow recital of a couplet, followed by fast rhythmic clapping and singing is very delighful.

10 Jignesh Kotadia November 15, 2017 at 8:42 am

1. Ab yaad na kar bhool ja ai dil woh fasana , woh pyar ki ghadiya woh muhabbat ka zamaana : Mukesh- Meena.

LATA : Ai dil meri wafa men koi asar nahin hai
main mar rahi hun jin par unko khabar nahin hai
mere hi dil men rehkar mujh par nazar nahin hai…
IRA NAGRATH : Dil leke ab kahan hai, dil ke churaanewale
aankhon se door kyun hai, dil men samaanewale
koi mujhe bata de, mujh ko khabar nahi hai.. ai dil meri wafa men….

what wouldhv thought by this two 7 star duets of 1948, had they seen your fabulous post of 1948 duets ??!!

I have no arguement for your no.1 pick : kyun unhen dil diya : the legendary song deserves top spot : my favt too : but : the list does not seem complete without 2 ultramelodious duets of Anokha Pyar.

11 Mehfil Mein Meri November 15, 2017 at 4:22 pm

I agree with jigneshji about the duets from Anokha Pyar
I also mentioned ab yaad na kar
It may have a place on the list

12 Mehfil Mein Meri November 15, 2017 at 4:24 pm

@ksbhatia ji
The duets mentioned by you are good and I liked the songs.I forgot to say so in the above comment

13 Mehfil Mein Meri November 15, 2017 at 8:33 pm

We can also think of
Dekh chand ki or from Aag by shamshad & shailesh mukharji

Aankhon Aankhon Mein from Actress by geeta and shamshad

The second song may not be popular but it’s worth listening.
It appeared on my list of duets with two moods.

14 ksbhatia November 15, 2017 at 10:50 pm

Mehfil Mein Meri [MMM] @13 ;

While ….Dekh Chand Ki Ore…is a popular duet , the second song ….Ankhoan Ankhoan mein …..from Actress is a beautiful song which I heard for the First time .

Here is one more duet from the film Chaman by Shamshad and Pushpa Hans . This is an all time vintage fav.of many aged and young music lovers alike .

Chan kithan guzari aai raat waye…..

15 mumbaikar8 November 16, 2017 at 8:42 pm

I agree with Mehfil Mein Meri and Jignesh with their choice of Ab yaad na kar from Anokhar Pyaar, I agree with Mr. Ashok’s wishful proposal and Mr. Chellamani’s endorsement of Shaheed song.
Ksbhatiaji had expressed his view that the Shaheedchorus should have found place in Solo list too.
One Soothing duet from Amar Prem
Amar Prem~1948~O Aao Chalen Manva More Door Kahin~Rajkumari,Mohammed Rafi~Datta Thakre,Mohan Mishra
You had one duet from Actress in your 36 duets list
Hello Hello Gentleman – Shamshad Begum, Lata Mangeshkar
Mehfil Mein Meri has uploaded one more Geeta Dutt Shamshad Begum duet
This is the third Shamshad Begum Rafi duet
Dheere Dheere Bol (Shamshad-Rafi) Actress 1948

16 AK November 17, 2017 at 5:52 am

Jignesh, Anup and Mumbaikar8,
Nice to know that there is so much support for another Mukesh duet Ab yaad na kar. No doubt it is an excellent song. It was in my long list, it could have been in my short list too.

KS Bhatiaji,
Thanks a lot for mentioning this songs from the bench strength.


17 yashdeep vitthalani November 17, 2017 at 12:05 pm

bahut accha blog hai aapka

18 Mehfil Mein Meri November 17, 2017 at 12:22 pm

ksbhatia ji and mumbaikar 8 ji
Mehfil Mein Meri is the name of my blog.
My name is Anup and u can call me by that name.
If I may so say, do visit my blog as well.

19 AK November 17, 2017 at 3:14 pm

Welcome to SoY and thanks a lot for your appreciation.

20 Gaddeswarup November 18, 2017 at 2:12 pm

I am surprised to find that I am still referred to here. I am essentially an outsider with a passion for old Hindi film songs, sort of sung to me by mother in the cradle, but I do not really understand the language or the context. Once in a while, I make irrelevant remarks just to show that I am still following the blog. Please ignore my remarks. I am back in India, this time for three months, and visiting villages, the sort of villages where I watched some Hindi films back in the forties and fifties.

21 AK November 18, 2017 at 2:28 pm

An outsider can be more important than an insider. In one of your ‘irrelevant’ comments was also some research paper on the attraction for a stranger or the unknown. Please keep it up.

22 Shalan Lal November 18, 2017 at 5:03 pm

The “third Wrap Up” of 1948 is a well hard worked out Post and is convincingly argued by AK. The wrap ups of the old songs are always good that they give good revival of the values of the old songs and also refreshing us to look back with loving care.
The discussion about the funeral song “Watan Ki Rahmein” is interesting.
I would like to argue about it as “a Chorus song” rather than a duet. A duet I think is about two persons’ emotions. If third person is involved then it could be the comment of the third person or added emotion. Fourth person in a duet of two duets of two couples in one song. And it needs to have a separate category. But they are very rare in the Indian films. The one in Sangam “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega..” is very famous of three people doing a song.
The funeral march or cortege in the film “Shahid”is the actual scene documented by the Filmistan company after the death of Khurshed Nariman a famous follower of Mahatma Gandhi. In Bombay there is a Nariman point named after him. This was as famous part of the film as many people went to see the funeral of Nariman again and again.
The song suggested many voices of Indian people as all were in remorse of the loss of a freedom fighter. So I feel that it should not be included as duet though AK has defined a duet song as the one that has more than one voice. I have been working on the Chorus songs for a post but it will still take very long time.
To Mr, KSBhatia the Delhi pollution has been on British television as well and blamed too many two wheelers in Delhi and the traffic laws are not followed by the Indian public in general.
Shalan Lal

23 AK November 19, 2017 at 6:28 pm

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. In my year-wise reviews I have only three categories of songs: male solos, female solos, and duets. The criteria is the number of ‘distinct’ voices. Therefore, a chorus with only one distinct voice, for example, Aaj mere man mein sakhi from Aan I list as a solo. Two or more ‘distinct’ voices go under duets. But post on chorus is a nice idea, if the chorus is the main impact of the song. Since we are discussing it, it just occurred to me that chorus seems to be a later development, probably pioneered by Anil Biswas.

24 Shalan Lal November 20, 2017 at 4:41 pm

AK @ 23

Thanks for your thinking behind your working of the categorising of the songs. They are working. I do not get into that for the time being when I have not worked out the post.

I am working with broader vista with roots and needs of the chorus songs in the films.

It may be ready for your scrutiny by April or May 2018.

Anil Biswas did many chorus songs. and your shot in the dark may be correct. But I shall look deeper and wider way as far as I can go.

I may ask the help of Mr KSBhatia and others as well. But until my ground of “raison d’être ” is well worked out I do not want to get lost in the jungle of songs. I am working on it and I have seen many resources so far.

Shalan Lal

Thanks again.

25 Ashok Kumar Tyagi December 17, 2017 at 4:59 pm

AK ji
Thanks for lovely write-up and excellent compilation of songs.

26 AK December 17, 2017 at 6:22 pm

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

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