C Ramchandra

C Ramchandra as Chitalkar

C Ramchandra December 14, 2015

In the Naushad-C Ramchandra duel I have presented through the year, both seem to be evenly matched so far in spite of my known partiality towards Naushad. But as Chitalkar, the singer, CR has no competition from Naushad. As the year draws to a close, continuing the series on the Year of Naushad (with C Ramchandra in […]

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Asha Bhosle with reluctant Naushad and C Ramchandra: Part 2 (duets)

Asha Bhosle with C Ramchandra and Naushad September 18, 2015

I could not have imagined until sometime back that I would be writing two posts back to back on Asha Bhosle. But I have since become conscious of a strong Asha Bhosle Fan Club on SoY. In my last post on her songs with Naushad and C Ramchandra, we saw that even though they might […]

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Asha Bhosle with reluctant Naushad and C Ramchandra: Part 1 (solos)

Asha Bhosle with C Ramchandra and Naushad September 8, 2015

Greeting her happy birthday on her 82st birth anniversary (b. 8 September 1933) Asha Bhosle’s position in the early 1950s was very unenviable. Her elder sister, Lata Mangeshkar, had debuted as a playback singer (Aap Ki Sewa Mein; 1947) only a year before her (Chunariya; 1948), but the former stormed the music scene in 1949 […]

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C Ramchandra-Naushad comparison and contrast with Rafi

Naushad, Rafi and C Ramchandra July 31, 2015

A tribute to Rafi on his 35th death anniversary It is certain that readers would have been expecting something on Rafi with Naushad today, but they would find the inclusion of C Ramchandra surprising and somewhat contrived. While Naushad is the most important composer to have laid the foundation of the Rafi legend, C Ramchandra […]

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Shamshad Begum songs by C Ramchandra

Shamshad Begum and C Ramchandra April 23, 2015

A tribute to Shamshad Begum on her 2nd death anniversary (14 April 1919 – 23 April 2013) This year started with Naushad, who was followed by C Ramchandra. We have since seen their close duel with Amirbai Karnataki. Consequently, some  readers were surprised not to see a similar comparison in my last post on Shamshad Begum’s songs […]

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Naushad-C Ramchandra duel for Amirbai Karnataki

Amirbai Karnataki March 15, 2015

A tribute on the 50th death anniversary of Amirbai Karnataki (c.1906 – 3 March 1965) (As her death anniversary was too close to my scheduled post on Holi songs, I am posting my tribute to Amirbai Karnataki, with her songs by Naushad and C Ramchandra, with some lag.) Which is the most popular Amirbai Karnataki […]

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Talat Mahmood by Naushad and C Ramchandra

Talat Mahmood, Naushad and C Ramchandra February 24, 2015

A tribute to Talat Mahmood on his 91st birth anniversary (24 February 1924 – 9 May 1998) There was every reason for Talat Mahmood to have a long innings with Naushad. Both coming from Lucknow, they represented a similar Urdu sensibility and cultural milieu. Talat’s entry into Bombay Hindi film music was spectacular with Ae […]

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The Master of Musical Comedies C Ramchandra and his ‘Patanga’ (1949)

Patanga (1949) January 12, 2015

A tribute on C Ramchandra’s birth anniversary January 12 (12 Jan 1918-5 Jan 1982) In my simplified history of Hindi film music, when I move from RC Boral-Pankaj Mullick to Anil Biswas to Naushad, it would be quite unfair if I miss C Ramchandra. The Great Maratha (in the sense of one belonging to Maharashtra) […]

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Best songs of 1953: Final Wrap Up 4

Shankar Jaikishan_C Ramchandra_Ghulam Mohammad_Anil Biswas_Salil Chaudhary December 21, 2013

The Songs of Yore Award for the Best Music Director goes to? Canasya asked in one of the posts in this series, what was the avowed objective of these posts? Jignesh mentioned that SoY Awards have surpassed the fame of Filmfare Awards (I like that ).  Filmfare is indeed a reference point, because this series […]

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Best songs of 1955: Final Wrap Up 4

Best music directors of 1955 December 25, 2012

The SoY award for the best Music Director goes to? This is like completing the circle, which means you come to the same point from where you started. So I look back at the mother post on the overview of the best songs of 1955  and I am amazed at the overwhelming response it generated, […]

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