Naushad’s “The Singing Girl Next Door”: Suraiya

Naushad and Suraiya June 15, 2015

A tribute on her 86th birth anniversary (15 June 1929 – 31 January 2004) Our last singing star, Suraiya, attained incredible heights of popularity bordering on mass hysteria. She started her singing career, as a child artiste, with Naushad; subsequently, she sang playback for Mehtab in a few films; she graduated as an actor-singer and […]

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Suraiya’s songs by SD Burman

SD Burman and Suraiya June 15, 2014

A tribute on her 85th birth anniversary, June 15   SD Burman getting into Navketan camp and Suraiya’s intense romance with Dev Anand meant that there would be a number of songs of this singer (and actor)-composer pair. Since SD Burman made his debut late, his songs for Suraiya are much less compared to, say, […]

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Door Papiha Bola: Suraiya by Anil Biswas

Anil Biswas and Suraiya January 31, 2014

A tribute to Anil Biswas in his centenary year and to Suraiya on her 10th death anniversary For many years after getting deeply attached to the vintage songs, I regarded Anil Biswas as peripheral to the music career of Suraiya. When I thought of Suraiya, the composers who came to mind most prominently were Naushad, […]

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Suraiya: The Last Singing Star

Thumbnail image for Suraiya: The Last Singing Star January 31, 2012

A tribute on her death anniversary January 31 Aside from Lata Mangeshkar Suraiya is among my top favourite female singers. She debuted as a child artiste in 1942 (film Sharda). Within three years she rose to become one of the top singing stars acting opposite the greatest legend KL Saigal in 3 films. Within the […]

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Door Papiha Bola

Thumbnail image for Door Papiha Bola June 18, 2010

Your relationship with songs that moved you, that brought tears to your eyes the first time you heard them and every time you hear them, is deeply personal.  How can others relate to your experience?  And no matter how well you write it would be less than what you felt.  Nida Fazli famously said: Yun […]

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