Talat Mahmood

The Unlucky Genius Ghulam Mohammad’s best songs for Talat Mahmood

Ghulam Mohammad and Talat Mahmood February 24, 2016

Ghulam Mohammad was Naushad’s senior in the music industry by several years. He was an established tabla player, earning Rs 60 per month, with Ustad Jhande Khan, when Naushad joined him, in 1937, as a piano player at Rs. 40 per month. Fate catapulted Naushad to commanding heights, making him the greatest Mughal of Movie […]

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Talat Mahmood by Naushad and C Ramchandra

Talat Mahmood, Naushad and C Ramchandra February 24, 2015

A tribute to Talat Mahmood on his 91st birth anniversary (24 February 1924 – 9 May 1998) There was every reason for Talat Mahmood to have a long innings with Naushad. Both coming from Lucknow, they represented a similar Urdu sensibility and cultural milieu. Talat’s entry into Bombay Hindi film music was spectacular with Ae […]

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Talat Mahmood’s songs by SD Burman

Talat Mahmood and SD Burman March 6, 2014

My last post on Talat Mahmood’s songs by Anil Biswas reminded me that last year when I had ‘closed’ my series on SD Burman, Venkatarmanji and some other readers mentioned some more singers who gave memorable songs with Dada. Talat Mahmood was one of the names mentioned. They fit in very nicely. SD Burman was […]

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The Mentor and the Protégé: Talat Mahmood songs by Anil Biswas

Anil Biswas and Talat Mahmood February 24, 2014

A tribute to Talat Mahmood on his 90th birth anniversary Anil Biswas was not the first composer for whom Talat Mahmood sang in films. He debuted as an actor-singer in Calcutta in Raj Laxmi (1945). While in Calcutta, he also sang (and acted) in Tum Aur Main (1947), Samapti and Swayansiddha (1949). During this period […]

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Best songs of 1953: Wrap Up 1

Talat Mahmood, Rafi, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar August 8, 2013

Songs of Yore award for the Best Male Playback Singer goes to? In the first Wrap Up I take a look at the best male solos of 1953. I am greatly helped by the readers’ comments on the survey article – Best songs of 1953 – which are not only very exhaustive, but much more […]

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Best duets of Talat Mahmood and Asha Bhosle

Talat Mahmood and Asha Bhosle February 24, 2013

A tribute on Talat Mahmood’s Birth Anniversary, February 24 When I wrote on Talat Mahmood’s peppy duets last year, it left many readers naturally unsatiated. He, of the velvety voice, is known more for his heart-touching, soft and romantic duets. The readers very generously gave a big list of his duets with various female singers, […]

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Duets of Talat Mahmood: Breaking the image trap

Thumbnail image for Duets of Talat Mahmood: Breaking the image trap February 24, 2012

A tribute on his birth anniversary February 24 When you think of Talat Mahmood you think of his iconic soft, sentimental melodies like Meri yaad mein tum na aansoo bahana, Jalte hain jiske liye, Humse aya na gaya tumse bulaya na gaya, Ae dil mujhe aisi jagah le chal jahan koi na ho, Zindagi denewale […]

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