Atariya, Angana

Songs of Angana

Aanagn mein Upanayan October 19, 2016

We have seen in the songs of atariya how its vantage location at the back of a house makes it an ideal secret meeting point for the lovers. Aangan or angana, i.e. courtyard, on the other hand, is a central feature of the house. Open to the sky, and surrounded on the four sides by […]

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Songs of Atariya

Romeo and Juliet on Atariya February 12, 2014

With a tribute to Begum Akhtar in her Centenary Year I had thought songs of atariya are one of the things – like lori, bidaai songs, bhajan, piano songs etc. – that have been irredeemably lost from our films. Loosely translated as ‘balcony’, atariya was the place where the heroine would go stealthily from the […]

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