Birds, bees, horses and other species

Beena madhur madhur kacchu bol

BHanwra bada naadan May 6, 2017

Guest article by Ashwin Bhandarkar (If we broadly divide the SoY community into two categories – ‘music experts’ and ‘others’ – Ashwin Bhandarkar belongs to the first category. Therefore, it is not surprising that he is appearing as a guest author; the surprise is that it has taken him so long to do so. He […]

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Tonga in the Tinsel World

Tonga songs March 5, 2016

Guest article by DP Rangan (DP Rangan has been a familiar figure in the comments section.  He recently debuted as a guest author with his piece on Bollywood’s love affair with horses.  I had introduced him as a member of the very senior brigade, who has the enthusiasm of a teenager.  The proof is this […]

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Bollywood’s love affair with Horse

Song on horseback January 20, 2016

Guest article by DP Rangan (We started the New Year with our tiny friends – birds – introduced to us by a scholarly guest article by Shalan Lal. At the other end of the spectrum, the large species Horse has been even more integral to us through the history. And introducing these beautiful animals is […]

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पन्छी : An aviary of Songs

Bird January 1, 2016

Bird-watch in the Songs of Yore Wishing Happy New Year to all the readers with guest article by Shalan Lal (Once upon a time there were birds around us and they were a part of our lives, songs, mtyths and legends. When the crow cawed we knew it was advance intimation of a guest coming; […]

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