The World Cup mania: A song to cricket

April 1, 2011

‘She’ ne khela ‘he’ se aaj cricket match

Dev Anand-debonair cricketer When the entire country is caught in the frenzy of the One-day Cricket World Cup, I get to hear today a fun song on cricket from the film Love Marriage (1959). It is surprising I had not heard this song before. Had Vividh Bharti kept it on hold to play before the final match between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai on April 2, 2011?

Dev Anand is the debonair cricketer on the field. Among the spectators is Mala Sinha who is surprised to see him as the star player of the opposite team. Dev Anand bugged her no end as she was persuaded into taking him as her flat mate when she was looking for a female house mate to share her rent. And as you could have guessed he rains fours and sixes taking his team to victory, and in the process winning the heart of the hostile heroine. In the after-match dancing and singing of this song amidst his admiring cronies and a giggling gang of girls, including by-now-bowled-over Mala Sinha, seeking his autographs, he proclaims with unconcealed glee क्रिकेट में तो जीत गए पर हारे प्यार का मैच.

‘She’ ne khela ‘he’ se aaj cricket match
Ek nazar mein dil bechara ho gaya LBW

Aye jo hum field mein tad tad baaji taali
Are mukhde par haseenon ke aa gayi phir se laali
San san karti ball se khud ko to bachaya
Par dil batuye mein le gayi ik champe ki laali
Dil ke versus dil ka haar gaye ham match
Ek nazar mein dil bechaara ho gaya LBW
‘She’ ne khela ‘he’ se…

Humne jab ghumaya pyar ka ye balla
Are Lailaaon ke tent me mach gaya phir to halla
Jo bhi gend aayi to chauka hi fatkara
Par hosh hamaara le gaya ik saadi ka palla
Un zulfon ke taar ne daale sau sau pench
Ek nazar mein dil bechara ho gayaa LBW
‘She’ ne khela ‘he’ se….

Usne phenka leg break to humne mara chhakka
Out karta kaun humein ham khiladi pakka
Armano ki tent se badh gaye hum aage
Aur unki chaal dekh kar rah gaye hakka bakkaa
Cricket mein to jeet gaye par haare pyar ka match
Ek match mein dil bechara ho gaya LBW
‘She’ ne khela ‘he’ se……

All my posts so far have been quite involved, and entailed a good deal of research. I had no plans of writing on this. But since cricket makes everyone opportunistic in India, here is a quickie on the occasion of the World Cup

‘She’ ne khela ‘he’ se aaj cricket match by Rafi from Love Marriage (1959), lyrics Shailendra, music Shankar Jaikishan

This set me thinking, are there any other cricket songs or for that matter on any sport in Hindi films? Lagaan was one long drawn cricket match but Baar baar haan is hardly a cricket song. I doubt if you can call Chak de India a hockey song. Similarly, Hip Hip Hurray (1984) starring Raj Kiran and Deepti Naval was a terrific football film, but I do not recall it had any football song. Dan Dana Dan Goal had a super hit song Billo rani kaho to abhi jaan de duun, but it would be difficult to describe it as a football song even if you stretch your imagination wildly and start imagining Jane Russel-esque metaphors.

Thus the above song from Love Marriage appears to be the only cricket- or a game-specific song from the golden era. Therefore, I have no option but to put the official world cup song for you to compare the two.

Official ICC World Cup 2011 song by Shankar Ehsan Loy

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1 Kamal April 1, 2011 at 11:16 pm

From the film Awwal Number, and again picturised on Dev Anand!

Maidan hai hara ->

2 AK April 2, 2011 at 2:01 pm

@ Kamal

Great! In fact this is more of a cricket song as the story of Awwal Number revolved around cricket. Dev Anand as usual looks great, even more debonair than Amir Khan, his junior by over 40 years. Since the movie bombed, the song was generally unknown.

3 dustedoff April 2, 2011 at 3:37 pm

What a great way to mark India’s playing the WC final! Delightful song, too – in fact, I like the songs of Love Marriage a lot.

I’d been meaning to try my hand at a post on games/sports related songs, and this was the first one that had come to mind. Haven’t been able to think of many others, especially not from pre-70s India. I can think of a couple of songs that are picturised on games: Gaon ki main gori from Humjoli is filmed during a kabaddi game (there’s also a song from Anjaan, picturised on Helen, which also has kabaddi as the scene). I don’t remember the song, but I think there’s also a song in Kanyadaan (I think) which is about hockey.

4 AK April 3, 2011 at 11:17 am


And we won too! May be my blog had something to do with it. Welcome to my blog. I doubt if you can get enough songs specific to different disciplines, like you were able to get for different species of birds on your blog. Either we are not a great sporting nation, or games do not lend themselves easily to aesthetic musical creativity – which is surprising considering that many games, and I can think of football, have a lyrical quality about them.

With some research you may just manage to get some songs in the backdrop of sports, in which Chak de India, Baar baar hum etc should qualify. What should, of course, be possible is to do a post on sports scenes in films, where you would get good deal of cricket, boxing, football, hockey, volleyball, wrestling, kabaddi, cycling, racing, and if you include indoor games, carrom (Munnabhai MBBS), billiards, bridge and chess. Since I am focussed more on music I have no plans of doing it, but I would love to see you do it. (By the way, perhaps the sexiest kabaddi scene would be Shahrukh Khan’s in Pardes).

And yes, I too like the songs of Love Marriage a lot, such as Lata Mangeshkar’s Kahe jhoom jhoom raat ye suhani and Rafi-Lata Mangeshkar duet Dheere dheere chal chand gagan mein.

5 Subodh Agrawal April 7, 2011 at 8:59 pm

The song Aashayein from Iqbal doesn’t have cricket specific lyrics; and if you don’t treat ‘Chak de’ as a hockey song, then it is not a cricket song. All the same it is worth recalling in the context of this discussion:

6 Subodh Agrawal April 7, 2011 at 9:11 pm

I see a mention of a Kabaddi song from Humjoli above. That recalls this silly but cute badminton song from the same film:

7 AK April 11, 2011 at 2:17 pm

@Subodh Agrawal
I realise if one has to do a compilation of sports related songs, Chak de and, of course, Ashaayein etc would have to be included. Film songs are a vast reservoir of a large number of various theme related songs. Somehow, it would be difficult to recall enough sports related songs in the golden era.

I do remember the silly badminton scene in Humjoli and also the silly song Dhal gaya din ho gayi shaam.

8 Manoj Mishra June 5, 2013 at 11:34 pm

A cricket song for the Champions trophy

9 Manoj Mishra June 6, 2013 at 12:39 am

another song with cricket in the background

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