“Kuchh to log kahenge”

August 18, 2016

Kuchh to log kahengeWhen the media described the change of portfolio of a high-profile minister in the last cabinet reshuffle as downsizing her, she tweeted, Kuchh to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kahna. The media makes its living out of saying up things, often with generous doses of spices and garnishing. Celebrities and public personalities learn to live with it. The minister was better off ignoring the barbs, but I have to thank her for giving me an idea for a post.

What is said or not said affects not only the VIPs, but all of us. A major reason for strains in relationships is the breakdown of communication between the partners. A stereotype image of a wife is her complaining to the husband, when your friend comes you can chat up with him for hours, tell me how many sentences you have spoken to me today? There was a charming news item recently about a divorce petition filed by the wife on the ground that her husband had lost interest in her. The judge, who must also have been a trained psychologist, ordered the husband to say to the wife thrice a day, Darling, you are the most beautiful woman in the world; I love you very much. He asked the couple to come back after the husband had perfected it by practicing before a mirror. On the next date, the couple came beaming, and left the court hand-in-hand, with the wife profusely thanking the judge.

That might suggest that not speaking means absence of communication. But at times silence is more eloquent than words. I remember a non-film song of Hemant Kumar (Kitna dukh bhulaya tumne pyari) in which the antara was हम तुम चुप बैठे हों, दिल कहता है किस्से दिल के.  A film of powerful silences is Shekhar Kapoor’s Masoom – silences not only of the great actors Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi, but also of the child Jugal Hansraj who brings tears to your eyes. The greatest moments in Deewar are not its dialogues, great as they are, but the searing silence of Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan). The only person who understands him is the cabaret dancer Anita (Parveen Babi) from a fallen background, because he shares his silence with her with a drink or cigarette, which conveys all the pain bottled inside him – his Ma is weighed down by the image of Mother India, and the cop-brother has been tutored Bhagwad Geeta by AK Hangal and Neetu Singh.

But when the time comes, Vijay is also voluble – he gives it hard to the God in the temple for wreaking so much misery on his mother. You might quibble that in the temple you hardly deliver a long angry monologue, but that has become one of the iconic scenes in cinema.

Thus, to speak, or not to speak is the question. As you have seen, there is no right answer to this fundamental dilemma facing the mankind – you can speak too little or too much, but often it is not what you say, but how you say it that is more important.  A most fascinating display of what to say and how to say it is being played out in the American presidential campaign.  At the Republican convention, when Ted Cruz called upon the people to vote as per their conscience for the candidate who would uphold the American constitution – a very noble statement on the surface – everyone knew what he was saying – “I loathe Donald Trump.” Cruz and his wife were escorted out of the hall with great difficulty amidst the booing crowd.   Politicians face a unique professional dilemma. If they keep their mouth shut, they wouldn’t be politicians; if they open it, they can’t do it without putting their feet into it. Then the media pounces on them, and they have to go into all sorts of contortions – I didn’t mean this, I meant that.  I have been quoted out of context.  Not everyone is as unapologetic as Donald Trump; he can say with a straight face that Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS and, when asked by the media to clarify, reiterates that this is exactly what he meant.

As a blogger, I have to often deal with this issue. The anonymity provided by the virtual media lets some people lose all sense of proportion – it is not unusual to see people getting abusive or insulting for no reason except that the other person holds a different view. Though music evokes strong emotions, the content of SoY has ensured a kind of self-selection which has brought in people who are highly educated and mature. I have also been lucky that whenever the readers felt that something was not all right and commenting on the site might appear inappropriate, they have chosen to mail me with their very frank, at times brutally frank, views. This shows the highest standards of what to say and how to say.

There is nothing under the sun on which you wouldn’t find a film song. The minister thought that the famous film song conveyed the best what she felt. In budget speeches, we are accustomed to waiting for the film songs the Finance Minister would mention to pep up his speech.

I am presenting some songs on the ‘kahna’ theme. But we have to be careful – the emphasis has to be on the issue of ‘saying’. Since it is a very common verb, it may appear in many situations where the emphasis is on something else. For example, Saawan ke baadlo unse ye ja kaho is a saawan/baadal song to my mind.

1. Kuchh to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kahna by Kishore Kumar from Amar Prem (1971), lyrics Anand Bakshi, music RD Burman

When a Bengali bhadralok falls in love with a fallen woman, no amount of explanation that the woman is a good soul is going to satisfy the busybodies whose soul entertainment is to peek into other’s affairs. This is the world which maligned Sita, too; what chance the lesser mortals have? I must say the minister chose a most apt song for conveying her feelings. This was the era of the continuous run of Rajesh Khanna’s 15 superhits, Kishore Kumar being the voice of the hero and RD Burman defining the music trend.

2. Kahna hai kahna hai aaj ye tumse pahli baar by Kishore Kumar from Padosan (1968), lyriocs Rajendra Krishna, music RD Burman

But RD Burman gave some great music pre-Rajesh Khanna phase, too. Padosan is a rip-roaring comedy with some outstanding songs. Ek chatur naar, parodied on Ashok Kumar’s song in Jhoola (1941) by Saraswati Devi, has become an all-time classic. Less celebrated is this ‘kahna’ song through which the bumbling buffoon Bhola (Sunil Dutt) conveys his love to Saira Bano. The only problem is that Bhola could not even croak, therefore, the Guru Kishore Kumar, in another superb role, gives playback from behind to rescue his protégé. The cover is blown, but finally love prevails after some ups and downs.

3. Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho by Kumar Shanu from 1942 Love Story (1994), lyrics Javed Akhtar, music RD Burman

It seems RD Burman had something about ‘kahna’. The lovers in this retro film, when they are all by themselves in solitude, do not need to say anything to one-another, because time has stood still and at that moment nothing else mattered except the two. RDB gives some superb music in his swan song which was released two years after he had passed away. Kumar Shanu who modelled himself on Kishore Kumar in the beginning of his career, sings it superbly.

कुछ ना कहो, कुछ भी ना कहो
क्या कहना है, क्या सुनना है
मुझको पता है, तुमको पता है
समय का ये पल थम सा गया है
और इस पल में कोई नहीं है
बस एक मैं हूँ, बस एक तुम हो

4. Unko ye shikayat hai ki hum kuchh nahi kahte by Lata Mangeshkar from Adalat (1958), lyrics Rajendra Krishna, music Madan Mohan

Forced into earning her living as a prostitute, as the respectable person she had married secretly had left for higher studies, leaving her pregnant, Nargis’s life is one of unmitigated pain and misery. What can a person in this situation say? Rajendra Krishna has woven beautiful irony – Kuchh kahne pe toofan utha leti hai duniya/ Ab is pe qayamat hai ki hum kuchh nahi kahte (The world raises a storm when I say something; and now they give me hell that I don’t say anything). Madan Mohan, the composer for the classes, creates one of his best ghazals which made Madan Mohan-Lata Mangeshkar as one of the most famous hyphenations in film music.

5. Hum bolega to bologe ki bolta hai by Kishore Kumar from Kasauti (1974), lyrics Verma Malik, music Kalyanji Anandji

We just heard Kuchh kahne pe toofan utha leti hai duniya – an elegant line, composed equally elegantly. How would you say the same thing in Tapori language? Kishore Kumar is man for all seasons, and Pran was a multifaceted talent. Kalyanji-Anandji were among the few Golden Era stalwarts who were able to make a successful transition post-Aradhana. ‘Kahna’ songs need not be serious and philosophical. The Gorkha, Pran, sees all the goings-on from his vantage position. He obviously can’t resist the temptation to reveal all, but has to maintain the façade of keeping quiet. He makes it an extremely enjoyable song.

6. Pyar ki daastan tum suno to kahen by Lata Mangeshkar from Faraar (1965), lyrics Kaifi Azmi, music Hemant Kumar

In the best male solos of 1949, currently under review, the pride of place went to Tu kahe agar main geet sunata jaaun. Pyar ki daastan reverses the order of ‘kahna’ and ‘sunana’. ‘Listening’ is the other side of ‘kahna’. You don’t care for the world (Kya karega sun ke jahan), it is the one for whom the lady cares, needs to listen (Tum suno to kahen). Hemant Kumar’s music, especially for Lata Mangeshkar, was as sweet as his own songs. Kaifi Azmi has penned some his best songs which were composed by Hemant Kumar, such as in Kohra and Anupama.

7. Dil ki kahani kahna to chahe haye ri kismat kah na sake by Lata Mangeshkar from Sagaai (1951), lyrics Rajendra Krishna, music C Ramchandra

This is another shade where the lady has been compelled into circumstances when she is not able to tell her inner feelings. By the early 50s, Lata Mangeshkar had established herself as the defining voice of the leading lady. C Ramchandra was among the top stalwarts whose songs for Lata Mangeshkar acquired a unique identity.

8. Ka se kahun man ki baat, bairi balamwa dukhiya kar gaye by Sudha Malhotra, lyrics Sahir Ludhiyanavi, music N Datta

Here there is no dilemma about saying it; there is only an endearing reproach for the bairi balamwa who seems to have deserted the lady. Raga Kafi gives it a naughty and playful mood. Picturised as a stage dance song, it is being witnessed by two pairs Rajendra Kumar-Nanda and Ashok Kumar-Mala Sinha from different box seats. Their stories would intersect, leading to some high drama. Sahir Ludhiyanavi was not only a rebel poet, he has also written lyrics for all types of songs, including such classical-based songs mirroring traditional bandishes.

9. Kahun kaase main man ki baat by Lata Mangeshkar from Subah Ka Tara (1954), lyrics Noor Lakahnavi, music C Ramchandra

We have seen how a simple point about telling what is inside one’s heart has so many different shades. Here is another where the lady is apparently newly-wed whose husband is away. But the mood is not glum, because marriage gives a security and she knows the absence is temporary. Therefore, she can dance around and tell her man ki baat to his picture and his suit laid neatly on the sofa.

10. Raaz ki baat hai kahen ya na kahen..Nigaahen milaane ko ji chahta hai by Asha Bhosle from Dil Hi To Hai (1963), lyrics Sahir Ludhiyanavi, music Roshan

Nutan does say everything she wants to say in the prelude to the qawwali – Raaz ki baat hai kahen ya na kahen/ Bas gaya hai is dil mein koi kahen ya na kahen – before the start of rhythmic clapping and synchronised dance followed by this wonderful qawwali. The old ustaad, i.e. her music teacher Raj Kapoor in disguise, knows he is the object of her desire, but Pran, who is oblivious of this elaborate ruse played on him, is also stupidly thrilled. This was a superb comedy. Roshan rightly earned fame as the Master of qawwalis in films.

11. Pyar ka fasana bana le dil deewana, kuchh tum kaho kuchh hum kahen by Mukesh from Teesara Kaun (1965), lyrics Anand Bakshi, music RD Burman

We have so far seen asymmetric ‘kahna’ songs where one protagonist is facing dilemma internally or due to external circumstances. But there could be a balanced situation when there is no tension, and each is soliciting the other to say something. This would give rise to a happy duet, nicely picturised on Firoz Khan and Kalpana. I just said, RD Burman seemed to have something about ‘kahna’.

12. Aise mein agar tum aa jate kuchh tum kahte kuchh hum kahte by Suraiya from Balam (1949), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

But a ‘kahna’ song may be balanced on the surface, but if the lover is away, there is pathos in Kuchh tum kahte kuchh hum kahte. I had missed this song in my overview post on the best songs of 1949. I have to thank our Ashokji for bringing it to my notice when he expanded my survey a great deal on his blog. This should be among the best Suraiya songs, composed by the great masters Husnlal-Bhagatram, despite their familiar orchestration.

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1 Anu August 18, 2016 at 10:06 am

How very interesting, AK. I will freely confess that in all my ‘lists’, published or drafts, I do not have this theme, nor did I even think of it. Hats off! 🙂 That was a very cheeky introduction. I must only think that it was deliberate. After all, Samajhnewaale samajh sakenge, na samjhe, na samjhe woh anaadi hai…

Let me add to your list:
Mujhe kuch kahna hai from Bobby
O meri maina, tu maan le mera kahna from Pyar Kiye Jaa

2 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:32 am

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. The theme was gifted to me by the Minister and the Media, you were deprived of it because of living abroad .

Bobby song was also in my mind. Another one that occurred to me was Kah dun tumhen ya chup rahun. But I had too many post-1969 songs. I was looking for older songs.

3 Jignesh Kotadia August 18, 2016 at 11:11 am

aaj mujhe kuchh kehna hai AKji
badi hi Unique theme laaye hai aap
keh do koi naa kare yahan pyar..

4 Rakesh Srivastava August 18, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Kahne Ko To Bahut Kuchh Hai, Magar

1. Ghame Dil Kis Se Kahoon—Bhool Na Jaana


2. Tum Hi Kaho Mera Man Kyun—-Girls School


3. Ye To Kaho Kaun Ho Tum— Akeli Mat Jaiyo


4. Kaho Aake Bahar Kare Mera Singaar—-40 Days

And In The Last

5. Apni Kaho Kuchh Meri Suno—Parchhain


Very nice theme with very nice songs. My compliments.Aaj Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai added by Jigneshji is my most favorite.

5 Dinesh K Jain August 18, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Yes, a unique – and interesting – theme, presented in your inimitable style.

Only, I thought that after the first obvious song, the next obvious song would be KK’s immortal love duet, Aaj mujhe kuchh kehna hai from Girl Friend, along with Sudha Malhotra for whom Sahir always penned something very special, but it found no place in your list!

6 N Venkataraman August 18, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Kudos for this unique article with much information. You have not only maintained a regular flow of posts, which itself I feel is not an easy job, you have time and again come up with creative posts/ ideas, and once again something out of the box. Thanks once again.

A minor correction. Song no.4 is from the film Adalat and not Anpadh.

I expect a deluge from K S Bhatiaji and others.

I will go through the entire post and may come back again to join the fun.

7 Nasreen August 18, 2016 at 1:13 pm

A couple of songs on this unusual but sing-able theme – and more Rajesh khanna too: “O keh do keh do, oh tum jo keh do, pyaar ka hum tamanna jawaan kar le” and ” Yun hi tum mujh se baat karti ho, ya koyi pyaar ka iraada hai” – both are from Sachha Jhoota.
Another one which just came to my mind, (not a post 60’s one): “Meri baat rahi meri man mein, kuch keh na saki uljhan mean” form one of my favourite films “Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam”. (My favourite scene from this movie being the exquisite one accompanying the song “Piya aiso jiya main samaaaye gayo re”.

8 Ravi August 18, 2016 at 1:54 pm

AK….This is a wonderful theme and an inspired one.

Apart from the ones already mentioned by others, I can think of Raaz ki baat keh doon to jaane mehfil mein kya ho. This is a wonderful Sonik-Omi composition and if I remember correctly, the movie is Dharma.

9 AK August 18, 2016 at 2:02 pm

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. You have added one of the best songs on the theme.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation and the fabulous songs you have added. I am very fond of the Mukesh-Asha Bhosle duet Kaho aa ke bahaar. But the song which best fits the theme is Apni kaho kuchh meri suno.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Aaj mujhe kuchh kahna hai is a great song. It got crowded out by too many RDB songs which is very uncharacteristic of SoY.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation and the correction. Looking forward to your out of the box comments.

Meri baat rahi mere man mein is a perfect song on the theme and is absolutely outstanding. Thanks.

10 Nasreen August 18, 2016 at 2:11 pm

Sorry back here too soon, just becase another one came to my mind which fits in with AK’s contention in the introduction to this article that it is not what you say but how you say something that makes all the difference. The song in question is:
“Ek pate ki baat bataaoon sun mere humjoli, sab se achhi, sab se sundar boli prem ki boli”. Of course “prem ki boli” strictly trnaslated probably denotes something else, but in general talking sweetly in my experience, comes naturally to some people, the opposite to others and most of us are somewhere in between 🙂 I wonder if people feel this (talking in a pleasant manner) can be something learned? Of course, barring those times when we lose it – as we all do sometimes. But some people even in anger just manage to sound less bad tempered than others. I don’t know what it is, their voice or maybe just an inner sweetness? Would love to have some examples of who fits in that special category – of course from among our Hindi films. I’d say Farida Jalal is one, so cute even when upset:)
But when I start thinking of it, weren’t they all gorgeous? Sharmila, Rakhee, Hema, Nargis, Waheeda, Nanda….all of them.
Sorry to have gone all off-ttrack here. Time to go, when one talks too much, one starts saying dumb things. And that does relate to the theme in question, so a good place to end this 🙂

11 N.S.Rajan August 18, 2016 at 3:37 pm

A very novel and interesting theme that has, not surprisingly, yielded a plethora of beautiful tunes based on ‘saying’ and ‘ yet, not actually saying’! Notwithstanding the serendipity initiated by Smriti’s tweet, your take off on the tweet to pour out this collection is commendable! Whenever I listen to my large collection of old songs, one duet that I never miss is the haunting composition by Hemant Kumar for “Girl Friend”(1960). : “Aaj mujhe kuch kehana hai”. There are two noteworthy aspects to this song, with moving lyrics penned by Sahir Ludhianvi (who else?), besides of course, its sheer melody, without any fussy instrumental accompaniments : 1. As highlighted by you in your blog, the ‘volumes’ spoken by ‘silence’. 2. The very quaint way in which love was expressed, dignified, heart to heart, sans any fuss and yet, reaching out perfectly. Thank you.

12 ksbhatia August 18, 2016 at 4:21 pm

AK ji;
A wonderful post ….a subject as a deviation from the songs of control is great to dig upon . The subject surely is qualitative that needs extensive search to add on to quantity . I am already alarmed by Venkatraman ji @6 and to save myself I am posting few songs and will add more as i upkeep myself with time .

1.Yeh to kaho kaun ho tum…..Mukesh….SJ…..Aashiqe


2. Aasman se aya farishta…..Rafi, Sharmila….SJ……An evaning in paris


3.Kashti ka khamosh safar hai…..Kishore, Sudha Malhotra….Hemant kumar…..Girl friend


4. Kuchh dil ne kaha…….Lata….Hemant…..Anupama


5. Saba se yeh kahedo…….Asha….MM…Bank Manager


6.Jhuk jhuk jaaye…..Geeta dutt….Sardar malik….Abye hayat


7. O Saba kehna mere dil dar ko…Rafi, …..Salil da…..Kabuliwala


8. Phir kahin phool khila….Manna Dey….Kanu Roy….Anubhav.


9.Mujhe jaan na kaho….Geeta dutt….Kanu Roy……..Anubhav


10. Jaane kya tune kahi….Geeta Dutt….SDB…..Pyaasa


….to be continued….

13 mumbaikar8 August 18, 2016 at 4:53 pm

I cannot stop myself from repeating what Venkataramanji has said, “You have not only maintained a regular flow of posts, which itself I feel is not an easy job, you have time and again come up with creative posts/ ideas, and once again something out of the box.”
Absolutely amazing!

You did mention Anupama but not the two kehna songs from it . I think Anupama songs are the one of the most appropriate and outstanding Kehana songs.
Once again Kaifi azmi at his best.
Kuchh dil ne kaha Lata
Ya dil ki suno Hemant Kumar

14 Arunkumar Deshmukh August 18, 2016 at 6:16 pm

AK ji,

Once again you have proved that not only you have a wonderful control over English language ,but also you are innovative, creative, inventive,imaginative and many more similar things.
The kind of subjects you dish out simply amazes me. Today’s topic also is a proof of not only what I always say, but what many of our regulars here feel.
In this topic,one of my favourites would be from film Amar-54, an Asha Bhosle number, “Ik baat kahoon mere piya,sun le agar tu”
Thanks once again for providing us a variety.

15 mumbaikar8 August 18, 2016 at 8:41 pm

You beat me to Kuchh dil ne kahan from Anupama

16 mumbaikar8 August 18, 2016 at 9:02 pm

Fun song from Pyar kiya ja.
Shashi Kapoor stlye .
Kahni ki nahin baat magar

17 Ashok M Vaishnav August 18, 2016 at 9:54 pm

Indeed a very interesting, but equally very difficult to compose a post, subject.
AKji’s detour to a song list variety has added a great flavor to SoY’s offerings….Importantly, he has chosen a fair space to post-69 songs!
Hats off!
The song that comes to my memory is –

Hame Haal-e-dil Kahena Hai…Kahiye – Chaubees Ghante (1958) – Talat, Asha

18 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:00 pm

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Raaz ki baat kah dun to jaane mehfil mein kya ho isa very nice song, and a perfect “kahna” song.

19 D P Rangan August 18, 2016 at 10:05 pm

What a novelty breaking into vague and unexplored territory this theme of yours AK. It is very abstract but you managed to put life into this. Even after reading it many times, I have not fully grasped the meaning it conveys. Let me make a small effort, which pales before Bhatiaji’s deluge the following song:

Kehta hai dil tum ho mereliye from the film Mem Sahib, 1956,
Lyrics Rajinder Krishan, Music Madan Mohan.


Since my understanding of lyrics is below average, I do not know whether this song will fit here.

20 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:13 pm

Kabir also said smething like this.
Koel ka ko det hai, kaga ka se let
Meethe bachan sunaye ke sabko man har let.

There is no doubt people who are able to speak sweetly have an advantage. Whether you have to be born like that or you can acquire it is difficult to answer. Acquiring some social graces is a matter of awareness. People who are unnecessarily rude probably lack the capacity to look at themselves from others’ eyes.

Farida Jalal looked naturally cute. So was Jaya Bhaduri. We are judging this by their screen personalities. The “villain” Pran was known to be one of the most likeable personalities.

21 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:35 pm

Mr Rajan,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation. It just makes me think there are interesting themes around us, sometimes we might get epiphany, otherwise they get lost. Even on this theme a large number of outstanding songs are left out which would be added by the readers.

It is remarkable everyone has mentioned Girl Friend song. There is indeed tranquility and quiet about the song: Kashti ka khamosh safar hai, shaam bhi hai tanhaai bhi.

22 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:39 pm

KS Bhatiaji,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation. The songs of Anupama wonderfully fit in the theme. On other songs, as I had said in my post, the emphasis on “kahna” has to be obvious.

23 Raj August 18, 2016 at 10:53 pm


Great theme, and some great songs – both the songs of Anupama mentioned by Mr Bhatia are all time favourites. Here’s a gem: Sahir’s Dil jo na keh saka, wahi raaz-e-dil, Kehne ki raat aayi from Bheegi Raat Has two versions rendered brilliantly by Lata and Rafi separately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pml1NFGQ4bQ

24 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:56 pm

Thanks a lot for your very generous praise. Ya dil ki suno is a wonderful song on this theme.

Thanks a lot for your very kind words. I am also spurred by the very high quality of readers. Ik baat kahun mere piya sun le agar tu is a very interesting song. A more sophisticated way of saying this is: Pyar ki daastan tum suno to kahein.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Humein haal-e-dil unse kahna tha, kahiye is one of my great favourites.

DP Rangan,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation. In Kahta hai dil tum ho mere liye, the emphasis is not on “kahna”. You would have seen from my post and the comments, that the song has to be act of “saying”, its dilemmas etc.

25 AK August 18, 2016 at 10:58 pm

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Yes Dil jo na kah saka is a fabulous song and a perfect “kahna” song.

26 Raj August 18, 2016 at 11:37 pm

Here’s one more great song by Asha written by Aziz Kashmiri for Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (1966) under the baton of OP Nayyar – Koi kehde kehde kehde zamaane se jake : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpNmhOY33JY
A luminous Tanuja and the dapper Dharmendra make this a visual feast too. The film had 2 more memorable songs: Aap Ki Hasin Rukh pe and Badal Jaaye Agar Maali written by Anjaan and Kaifi Azmi respectively. Interestingly, as many as as 5 lyricists wrote the 6 songs of this film.

27 ksbhatia August 19, 2016 at 12:36 am

Ms. Mumbaikar8, AK ji, Raj ji ;
Thanks for liking the posted songs . In continuation here are few more….hope you will like these gems as well.

11. Kuchh aur zamana kehta hai….my all time fav. by meena kapoor….Anil Biswas…..Choti choti baatein


12. Mere sapne mein aana re sajna…..Lata….SJ…..Rajhath


13. Ehsaan tera hoga mujh per….Lata…..SJ…..Junglee


14. Mere piya se koi ja ke kahde…..Lata….MM….Ashiana [1952]


15Aye jaane jigar dil mein samane aaja…[ pyar ka paigam sunane aaja]…Mukesh…..Anil Biswas…..Aaram [1951]


AK ji , the last song is a tester for me wheather the song fits the bill , in the sense i am equating kahena, sunana, paigham as equal meaning words .

28 Samir August 19, 2016 at 3:19 am

A wonderfully innovative & funny post, not that I expect any less from you. Usually I am a silent reader, but your invocation of current US politics leads me to ponder on what various parties are trying to “say”.

I start with “The Donald” who sings this song to explain his statements that have “shocked” people —-
Even though “The Donald” would like to refer to himself as a joker, and explain that half his utterances are “haqeeqaat” (truth) and half are “fasana” (fable); several Democrats are convinced that they are 100 % “jhoot”.

HRC retaliates with this song, and implores “The Donald” to “say something else”
Note her skill at turning tables on him, despite an FBI report claiming her to be “extremely careless” in handling her emails.

The Republican Party officials would like “The Donald” to be a regular politician (like HRC) and sing —
Note that Feroz Khan usually plays a “shoot-from-hip-cowboy”, and the Republicans would like him to change his image to a “sober-chaste-sane loverboy” and woo the US electorate (Sharmila Tagore)

In any case there is no chance of any “Baaton Baaton Mein” between “The Donald” & HRC; leading to either of these songs —

Still ROFLing on this post 🙂

29 AK August 19, 2016 at 7:33 am

Koi kah de kah de kah de zamaane se ja ke is a great and perfect “kahna” song. Thanks for adding it.

KS Bhatiaji,
Great songs you have added. My first cut would be where “kahna” theme strikes in your face. Kuchh aur zamana kahta hai perfectly fits the bill. #15 does not fit the bill. “Sunana” has to be in tandem with “kahna”.

30 AK August 19, 2016 at 7:51 am

Great to have you back with your characteristic Samirianas. You seem to be completely off blogging.

I have always maintained American public policy can take great inspiration from Bollywood. Same goes for Presidential campaigns. I had Donald Trump in mind when I included Hum bolega to bologe ki bolta hai in the list. Another song which would be a befitting answer to his carping critics who ask him to stop talking like a looney is this:

Pate ki baat kahega kahega jab bhi deewana by Mukesh from Deewana, music Shankar-Jaikishan

The Donald can still turn around his campaign if he makes these two songs as his Campaign Anthems in the remaining 80 days to the election.

Hillary is in a fortunate position. Even if she is disliked by everyone, she seems to be unstoppable. On her swearing, she can sing Tu pyar kare ya thukra de, hum to hain tere deewanon mein.

31 Raj August 19, 2016 at 4:53 pm

Mr Bhatia,

I omitted to add earlier that the two songs from Anubhav that you had in your first list are so melodiously composed by Kanu Roy – thanks very much for reviving memories.

From your second list, I love the Anil da composed Kuch Aur Zamana kehta hai – Mr Biswas truly is amazing even as late as 1965.

32 Nasreen August 19, 2016 at 6:19 pm

AK, really liked the Kabir quote, ghank you. Thanks also for addressing my quite irrelevant remarks re sweetness. I think it’s quite a job responding to everyone.
Anyway, on this point of sweetness, I thought about it and concluded that most people are at their sweetest when they are younger. With advancing age and life’s stresses, it starts to fade. And ofcourse you are so right about us basing our impressions of actors on what we see on screen. I guess sweetness is also related to our relationships. We interact more sweetly with those we admire. I mean, I’d be all sugar and honey if I was anywhere near Sir David Attenborough who is one of my heroes. Donald T might not get the same reaction 🙂
But I should wind this up as all this has not much to do with your overall theme of “kehnaa”. Then again, it does – from an angle. “Meethi bol” is part of it and there is also a song which goes I think like this: “meethey bol bole, bole paayaliya”.

Mujhe aur kuchh nahi kehnaa hai 🙂

33 Shalini August 19, 2016 at 7:34 pm

Great post, AKji – you’ve certainly got us all “talking.” 🙂 Since the fun kicked-off with RDB, here’s another delightful conversational number by him.

Suno Kaho Suna Kaha – Aap Ki Kasam

Not to be left behind, RDB’s contemporaries, Laxmikant-Pyarelal make their contribution to the genre via this atmospheric song.

Kuch kehta hai yeh sawan – Mera Gaon Mera Desh

However, when it comes to the weather talking to us, I prefer this lovely, placid composition by Madan Mohan.

Kehti hai yeh thandi hawa – Ilzaam

34 AK August 19, 2016 at 10:00 pm

Meethe bol bole is a nice song to end this discussion with. It is difficult to discuss this topic without sounding preachy.

35 AK August 19, 2016 at 10:07 pm

Tanks a lot for your appreciation. The elements talking to us is a nice sub-category.

36 AK August 19, 2016 at 10:13 pm

Thanks a lot for your very generous praise. Ya dil ki suno is a wonderful song on this theme.

Thanks a lot for your very kind words. I am also spurred by the very high quality of readers. Ik baat kahun mere piya sun le agar tu is a very interesting song. A more sophisticated way of saying this is: Pyar ki daastan tum suno to kahein.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Humein haal-e-dil unse kahna tha, kahiye is one of my great favourites.

DP Rangan,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation. In Kahta hai dil tum ho mere liye, the emphasis is not on “kahna”. You would have seen from my post and the comments, that the song has to be act of “saying”, its dilemmas etc.

37 arvindersharma August 19, 2016 at 10:26 pm

AK Ji,
One more excellent post and after Chithhi post, this is, I believe the second post which has communications as the theme.
Enjoyed the songs posted by you and friends, with Rakesh Srivastava Ji and Bhatia Ji posting some excellent songs for the post.
I will concentrate on Rafi solos in the beginning, and will come to others later.
Firstly, the great Shabad recital from Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai composed by S Mohinder

Mittar pyare nu, haal mureedan da kehna


Now secondly, a CR gem from Safar
Keh ke bhi na aaye tum


Another one composed by Khayyam, who called himself Sharma Ji, at that time, from Parda


A lesser heard song from Sabzbagh composed by Vinod
Jo kuchh hame kehna hai isharon se kahenge


Some of the popular Rafi songs are next

38 arvindersharma August 19, 2016 at 11:04 pm

In continuation

Insaaf ka Mandir hai ye
Bhagwan ka ghar hai
Kehna hai Jo keh de tujhe
Kis baat ka dar hai from Amar composed by Naushad


Ya keh de hum Insaan nahi from Chhaya composed by Salil Chaudhary


Keh do koi Na kare yahan Pyar from Goonj Uthi Shehnai composed by Vasant Desai


Diwana keh ke Aaj mujhe Phir pukariye from Mujrim composed by Ravi


Mujhe tum se mohabbat hai
Magar mai keh nahi sakta from Bachpan composed by Sardar Malik


And finally
Tum se kahun ik baat paron se halki halki from Dastak composed by Madanmohan


Will be back with some more

39 ksbhatia August 20, 2016 at 12:41 am

ARvinder Sharma ji ;

Good to see you are back with your gems of songs and thanks for posting the Shabad…..Mitr pyare nu….beautiful sung by Rafi sahib over the great composition by S.Mohinder , the great MD of golden period. Hope to hear more from your magical box of gems and jewels .

Well here are more on the theme hoping they fit the bills .

16. Apni kaho ya meri suno….Talat, Lata….CR….Parchaiye


17.Tum chand ke saath chale aao…..Lata….MM….Ashiana


18.Hum haal e dil sunayenge…..M. Begam…..Salil da…..Madhumati


19.Hum bekhudi mein tum ko pukare……Rafi….SDB…Kala pani


20. Kahna ek diwaana teri yaad mein …..Rafi….MM…Laila Majnu


21. Nain mile nain huye baware…..Lata, Talat….Anil Biswas….Tarana


I have posted this beautiful song considering the 4th stanza of the song which is progression of the lyrics as they move on . The 4th stanza goes like ….naino se naina kuch kahe gaye…… I hope to get it thru again on trial .

40 arvindersharma August 20, 2016 at 12:52 am

In continuation with some melodious duets, as my second Rafi post is under moderation

Phir ek baar kaho by Lata and Dwijen Mukherjee from Maya composed by Salil Chaudhary


Ae Saba in se keh Zara by Rafi and Asha from Alibaba And Forty Thieves composed by SN Tripathi


Tumhe kaise kahun by Rafi and Lata from Naach Ghar composed by N Dutta


Ye keh do tumhe hum se kya chahiye by Asha and Surendra Kohli from Gul e Bakawli composed by Hansraj Behi


Ek baar agar Tu keh de by Mukesh and Lata from Malhaar composed by Roshan


Kehta hai mera dil by Mukesh and Asha from Kunwari composed by SN Tripathi


Aapne chheen liya Dil
Isse kya kehte hain by Rafi and Meena Mangeshkar from Farmaish composed by Husnlal Bhagatram


Apni tasweer se keh do
Hame dekha na kare by Rafi and Asha from Sabzbagh composed by Vinod


Main kise apna kahun by Mukesh and Lata from Ek Thi Rita composed by Jaidev


Will continue…

41 AK August 20, 2016 at 6:03 am

Arvinder Sharmaji,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation and this deluge of songs. It is amazing from where and how you discover these songs. I can see PV Sindhu has spurred a healthy competition for Gold between you and KS Bhatiaji.

KS Bhatiaji,
Enjoyed your additions thoroughly. Thanks a lot. Now you have serious competition.

42 Chitrapatsangeet August 20, 2016 at 7:57 am

Nice post AK! Baat jab kehne ki nikli Hai, Sahir’s immortal words come to mind – “Hum kehte hain yeh jag apna Hai,
tum kehte hain jhoota sapna Hai,
Hum janam bitaakar jaayenge,
Tum janam gawaakar jaaoge”
This isnt a song recommendation.
Also, “dil jo na keh saka” is by majrooh and not Sahir as mentioned in one of the comments

43 AK August 20, 2016 at 10:24 am

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

44 Subodh Agrawal August 20, 2016 at 10:25 am

Interesting theme, and very well handles. The only additional song that came to my mind was ‘Apni kaho, kuchh meri suno’ which has already found mention in comments. A sweet playful song ruined by the lyrics given to Talat – there should be a legal limit to cry-babiness!

I wonder if ‘Bolo bolo kuchh to gori…’ would qualify ‘Ni sultana re’ from Pyar ka Mausam.

45 Chitrapatsangeet August 20, 2016 at 12:19 pm

This lovely song by Sardar Malik, kya kahen tujhse mohabbat how gayi https://youtu.be/lc5asF96E_M

46 Siddharth August 20, 2016 at 1:50 pm

Very interesting and out of the box theme.
Here are some more songs and variants –
These two from one of my favourite albums of seventies by Rajesh Roshan
Na bole tum, na main ne kuchh kaha- BAATON BAATON MEIN

Suniye Kahiye – Baton Baton Mein (1979)

Sometimes it is direct as in – kaho na pyaar hai and sometimes difficult to speak as in –
Baat karni mujhe mushkil kabhi aisi to na thi.. (by Bahadur Shah Zafar)

But nobody said it like Ghalib –
Hui muddat ke Ghalib mar gaya, par yaad aata hai
Woh har baat par kehna, ke yun hota to kya hota…

47 AK August 20, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. I didn’t expect such disparaging comments about Talat Mahmood from you, for such a nice song. I would not put Ni sultana re in ‘kahna’ theme.

Lovely song by Sardar Malik. Heard for the first time. Thanks a lot.

The Rajesh Roshan songs fit perfectly. It was very smart of you to think of Baat karni mujhe mushkil kabhi aisi to na thi. This is one of the two Mehdi Hasan ghazals I like most, the other being Gulon mein rang bhare. And you topped it beautifully with Ghalib. Thanks a lot.

48 SSW August 21, 2016 at 7:02 am

AK, Subodh did not make disparaging comments about Talat, he was commenting on the lyrics and their crybabiness.
So the mention of Talat reminded me of a duet with Geeta that I like a lot.
It has a tenuous link to “kehna” it starts with that word, a simple tune by Hansraj Behl with very incisive guitar playing and wonderful singing , the voices glide along with the rhythm.
I find the “rest beats” in the antara enchanting it breaks the flow beautifully …
Sadke tere
dil ko mere…
Tu jo kahe
laa doon jee …..


49 AK August 21, 2016 at 9:37 am

Thanks for correcting me. Subodh is indeed talking about lyrics. Apologies, Subodh. Kah rahin hain dhadakane pukar kar is an excellent duet. The first word too has “kahna”. We can accept it.

50 Ashwin Bhandarkar August 21, 2016 at 3:51 pm

1. One of my favourite SDB songs: ‘Palkon ke peeche se kya tumne keh daala’ from Talaash


2. The tune for ‘Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtpyt61lQhY) composed by Rajesh Roshan for ‘Baaton baaton mein’ was a straight lift from a popular tune used for nursery rhymes such as ‘The ants go marching one by one’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjw2A3QU8Qg) and ‘The animals went in two by two’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMJeKjYEqzU) but I learnt from http://www.itwofs.com, a site that calls itself ‘The chronicles of plagiarism in Indian film music’, that the original was from a marching song ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again’ from the days of the American Civil War (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3k8H_9SjoM).

51 Shalan Lal August 21, 2016 at 6:01 pm

The post is very interesting and has covered many points from the satirical and rather despondent view in the song “Kuchh log To Kahate Hai” and Kishore in his blue mood expresses well.

The commentators also rushed in well to “Mera bhi naam bich mein laga do Chandbhai” and comprehensively and intellectually added their voices and recollections of the songs.

It is very interesting to see how to stimulate the already alert mind with any subject. Most of the contributions tell us so many aspects of this “Kahan, Sunana and Na Kahan and Na Sunana” aspect of human life.

The song of Adalat is very poignant and I feel it cuts the heart when Lata goes up and brings out tears and blood and AK has rightly pointed out by mentioning the line “Kuchh kahne pe toofan utha leti hai duniya/ Ab is pe qayamat hai ki hum kuchh nahi kahte”.
The post brings out many memories of good lyrics, good tunes and great performances in acting and cinematic values often taken for granted.

I only can mention the song from Andaz “Tuu Kahe Agar” and Dilip K’s mesmerizing acting.

“Those were the days my friend,
We thought would never end!”

And we sigh deeply.

Shalan Lal

52 AK August 21, 2016 at 7:36 pm

Shalan Lal,
Very aptly said. It is amazing how a simple word like “kahna” lends itself to so many nuances.

Tu kahe agar probably emphasises that “sunana” is equally important than “kahna”. Singing or saying is worthwhile only if the other party is receptive. Otherwise, it might be भैंस के आगे बीन बजाए. Another one which is indirectly related with this is Rahim’s, हीरा वहाँ न खोलिए जँह खोटी है हाट.

53 Arunkumar Deshmukh August 21, 2016 at 8:20 pm

Ms Shalan Lal ji,

When you said “mera bhi naam ….Chandbhai”, it touched a chord of Nostalgia in me. This and the likes of it were sayings we used frequently during our childhood i.e. in the 40s- in Hyderabad state.
Another saying was “beech mein mera chaandbhai”.
It is amazing how some phrases remain in your mind for years and when they are awakened, they bring a deluge of memories.
I thank you from my heart for using that phrase.

54 Ashwin Bhandarkar August 22, 2016 at 12:33 am

‘So jaanu re jaanu’ is a popular bada khayal in Raga Shankara. The lyrics of the bandish are:

Sthayi: So jaanu re jaanu baalamwa deke tihaari preet ke bachana
Antara: Utara banaawata, bana nahi aawata, kahe deta sab preet ke lachana

Here is a rendering of this bada khayal followed by the equally popular chota khayal ‘Kal na pare’ by the Krishna Hangal:


55 Ashwin Bhandarkar August 22, 2016 at 1:18 am

The saints of the Bhakti period usually ended their songs/poems with a couple of pithy lines summing up a philosophical viewpoint or reiterating their adoration of a particular deity in the following manner: “Meera says…”, “Kabir says”, “Tuka says”, etc. A couple of examples:

1. ‘Meera kahe prabhu giridhara naagara’ in Meerabai’s ‘Chalo mana ganga jamuna teer’, rendered melodiously by D.V.Paluskar:


2. ‘Naama mhane mazha vitthala saapadala’ in Naamdev’s ‘Teertha vitthala kshetra vitthala’, an abhang that Bhimsen Joshi made his own:


3. ‘Kahat kabeera suna bhaai saadho’ in Kabeer’s ‘Nirbhayi nirguna’, rendered by Kumar Gandharva in his inimitable style with vocal support provided by his wife, Vasundhara Komkali:


56 AK August 22, 2016 at 10:24 am

Thanks a lot for your additions. Kumar Gandharv’s Nirbhay nirgun led me to a new discovery Rahul Deshpande. Terrific singer, one who should carry Kumarji’s legacy more than the family members.

57 Giri August 22, 2016 at 11:14 am

The other day while listening to Vividh Bharati, I came across this song hearing it for the first time. It is a rare duet by well known singers, singing the words of a well known poet,tuned by an unknown MD, from an obscure film ( it fits the topic under discussion):
‘Zara keh do fizaon se’ from the film ‘Gogola’ sung by Talat Mehmood and Mubarak Begum. Lyrics by Balkavi Bairagi. MD: Roy Frank.
I have not heard of the film or the name of the MD. Can the experts shed more light on it?

58 N Venkataraman August 22, 2016 at 2:27 pm

Bhatiaji and Arvinderji,

Thanks for the wonderful additions. While you compete for the Gold and Silver, let me too join the fun. The attempt may land me with at least a Bronze. Here I go.

1.Kaho Ji Jee Na Lage Bin Tere by Ishwar Lal and Shamim, film Fariyad (1942), lyrics D N Madhok, music Khemchand Prakash

2.Kehta Hai Dil Ye Baar Baar by Nalini Jaywant, film Adaab Arz (1943), lyrics Pt.Indira, music Gyan Dutt

3. Husn Kahata Ja Raha Hai by Shamshad Begum and Khan Mastana, film Humayun (1945), lyrics Arzoo Lakhnavi, music Ghulam Haider

4.Unse hum kuch kahte kahte rah gaye by Lata Mangeshkar, film Dil Ki Basti (1949), lyrics Waheed Qureshi, music Ghulam Mohammad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk3vAw9uM0I

5.Lo Ji Sun Lo Tumse Kahte Hai by Mukesh and Surinder Kaur, film Sunhere Din (1949), lyrics Shewan Rizvi, music Gyan Dutt

6.Kisi Se Humne Ye Pucha by Md.Rafi, film Garibi (1949), lyrics Rajinder Kishan, music Bulo C Rani

AKji, I hope the above songs fits your bill.

59 arvindersharma August 22, 2016 at 2:52 pm

Bhatia Ji and AK Ji
Many thanks for your kind words of appreciation, and with Bhatia Ji, I have a great bond of mutual affection and admiration, having met him so many times in person. As regards the competition, he is miles ahead of me, and I would love to see him ahead only.
Now I would like to share a great ghazal of Ghalib and Sehgal, which I believe is the best addition for the theme of ‘Kehna’, Kehte’.
Wonder why I didn’t recall it earlier.
Har ek baat pe kehte ho tum
Ke Tu kya hai
Tu hi bata ke ye
Andaaz e Guftgu
Kya hai


Will be back with some more…

60 Shalan Lal August 22, 2016 at 3:34 pm

AK @32
Thanks for appreciating the comment. One of the songs from the film Ek Thi Ladaki has somewhat different meaning about “Kuchh Naa Boliye” from the various categories you have presented.

The song is sung by Rafi and Lata in a very lucid tune by Vinod. It is “Ab Haal-e-Dil Yaa Haal-e- Jigar, Kuchh Na Boliye.

Here the joy of finding or discovering love for each other is expressed by “Kuchh Na Boliye” exactly opposite to the meaning of the words.

Suddenly I realized that Lata is very sweeter here than her Barasaat and Andaz films.

Motilala is very suave, debonair and urbane of city man. Jus t visit the the song and enjoying the comic film is wonderful

Shalan La

61 Shalan Lal August 22, 2016 at 3:43 pm

Arunkumar Deshmukh @ 53
I am glad my phrasing of the words with the idiom meaning every one want s tojoin in when things are easy and good.

I wonder if thephrase has gone out of use?

Your days in “Hyderabad” cmae back, yes indeed the phrase was common in that part. I spend some time there. We had relatives we used to visit. But hose were the horrific days of political unrest inthat part and we had toleave and come back to Bombay. But I like the Urdu of “Hyderabad” and many good food dishes as well.

Thanks for reminding me my days in “Hyderabad”.

62 Shalan Lal August 22, 2016 at 3:53 pm

Ashwin Bhandarkar @55
Well reminded all those saints and especially “Mira Kahe”. But is not some change of meaning between Mira Kahe and Kabir Kahe, and Nama Kahe or Bole”.
In Urdu also most of the old writers bring in their own names. That puts their seal on their poems.

But it would not be said with “Mira” as many people wrote “Mira’s songs and added “Mira Kahe.”

It is debatable if “Mira ” really exhisted as Rajastani historians do not tell her story. Especially English historian of Rajastan or Rajputana “Todd” who first wrote the history of Rajputs. He did notmention Mira.

Perhaps other people know better now. My knowledge is fifty years old.


63 AK August 22, 2016 at 4:54 pm

Just a minor quibble. Ab haal-e-dil ya haal-e-jigar ends with kuchh na poochhiye. Thus, it does not fit here.

64 AK August 22, 2016 at 5:20 pm

Zara kah o fizaaon se is one of the best Talat duets. Roy Frank seems to have given music at least for one more film, Chor Darwaza (1960). Nothing much is know about him. I am making an intelligent guess, based on his name, that he was a musician in some orchestra. Becoming MD in some films was upgradation in his status, but it comes with attendant risk that he had to get assignment on his own. Remaining a musician was a surer way of getting a regular income, and he might have continued playing some instruments with some MD. This is akin to a dancer becoming a choreographer, or a skilled artisan becoming a contractor. Over to Arunji.

65 AK August 22, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Since you are asking me, I would put #4, 5 absolutely fitting the theme. Others are a stretch. But let me thank you for addition of the songs, especially #1 – reminds me of the songs of Tansen. It is clear Khemchand Prakash already had this tune, and polished it in the voice of KL Saigal and Khursheed the next year. And #5 too is an outstanding song which escaped my notice in the review of 1949.

66 N Venkataraman August 22, 2016 at 5:44 pm

Giriji, AKji,
From the poster that is available it seems the music for Gogola was by T M Rai and Frank. The film was based on the 1954 Japanese film Gojira (Godzilla). Here is the link to the poster.

Frank may be Frank Fernand the great Goan Jazz musician who assisted SJ and many more MDs. I am not sure. Arunji may be able to provide more information.

You did not validate whether the songs posted by me (#58) fits the bill and keeps me in the running for a medal slot?

67 arvindersharma August 22, 2016 at 6:11 pm

In continuation
With dear friend Venkataram Ji chipping in as well, the competition seems to be hitting up.
Here’s a bouquet of some vintage songs for the theme.

Papiha re mere piya se kahiyo jaaye by Aroon Kumar and Parul Ghosh from Kismet composed by Anil Biswas


Angdayi Teri hai bahana
Saaf kehdo hame ki Jana Jana by Manju from Rattan composed by Naushad


Kaahe jaadu kiya
Mujhko itna Bata
Jadugar baalma by Amirbai Karnataki from Naghma composed by Nashad


Koi roke usse aur ye keh de
Kuchh apni Nishani deta ja by Amirbai Karnataki from Sindoor composed by Khemchand Prakash


Sawan ke baadlo
Unse ye ja kaho by Amirbai Karnataki and Karan Diwan from Rattan composed by Naushad


Kuchh keh Na sake, sung and composed by Amirbai Karnataki from Shahnaaz


Aankhen keh gayien Dil ki baat by SD Batish from Laadli composed by Anil Biswas

Will be back with more..

68 Nasreen August 22, 2016 at 8:23 pm

Some songs that came to mind while going through some of the posts here just then which might fit the bill:

1. Maine kaha phoolon se – sung by Lata, film Mili
2. Bolo bolo kuchh toh bolo – Dil deke dekho
3. Keh doon tumhe ya chup rahoon dil mein mere aaj kya hai – (can’t remember the film but think it had Rishi & Neetu, Rafoo Chakkar ??
4. Mere dil mein aaj kya hai, tu kahe toh main bata doon – Daag (Rajesh Khanna)
5. Aaj iss khat mein nayi baat tumhe likhtaa hoon – Rafi non-filmi ghazal

69 AK August 22, 2016 at 8:38 pm

Perhaps you didn’t notice that I have said upfront that #4, 5 fit perfectly, others are a stretch. As for being in the race for medal, you right away deserve a medal for “Fair Play”, because you have fairly asked for the Umpire’s judgment. If you see Arvinder Sharmaji’s list, he also includes Saawan ke baadalo, whereas in the end of the article I have mentioned this song as an example that it would not be treated as a “kahna” song, but a saawan or baadal song. For this infringement I can give him a yellow card, if not a red card. But since all this would be a subjective decision, I would need to set up an Appellate Board consisting of people who don’t have conflict of interest.

All this is quite complicated, so let us make it simple and allow all songs which have the word “kahna” in the mukhada. This becomes transparent and objective. On this criteria you would stand nowhere before our Usain Bolt, i.e. Bhatiaji.

But you do have your medal for “Fair Play” .

70 Nasreen August 22, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Now I’m on a roll, can’t seem to stop them, thought of a couple more :

1. Main ban chidiya ban ke ban ban bolun re – the great Ashok Kumar in Achhut Kanya

2. Bol naadaan dil ….
3. Bol ri katputhli ….
4. Bole re papihara by Vani Jairam
5. Kehdo koyi na kare yahan pyaar (not sure if this has been added already).
6. Kahe jhoom jhoom raat yeh suhani ftom “Love Marriage”.

71 mumbaikar8 August 22, 2016 at 8:48 pm

Let me take the advantage of Bhatiaji, Sharmaji and Venkataramanji missing this one from Funtoosh.
Dukhi man mere sun mera kehna
One beautiful NFM C H Atma song

72 Jignesh Kotadia August 22, 2016 at 8:54 pm

in ur last lap you ran with many vintage songs, by this u have gathered many points (also by Venkataramanji), and now u r ahead of Bhatiaji in this Kehnathlon race !

with only Dukhi Man Mere’s heavy points Mumbaikarji jumps to 3rd place…wow !!

now the latest positions are
1. Arvinder Sharma
2. KSBhatia
3. Mumbaikar8
4. N.Venkataraman 🙂 🙂

73 mumbaikar8 August 22, 2016 at 8:59 pm

Venkataramanji deserves the bronze. I am happy to be a Deepa Karmakar.

74 Jignesh Kotadia August 22, 2016 at 9:34 pm

positions may change only if Venkataramanji comes with another master instalment..dekhte hai..

75 Giri August 22, 2016 at 9:53 pm

Thank you AK Ji. You are right. Frank might have been an instrumentalist or an arranger who tried his first steps as MD. This song is sweet.
Thank you Venkatramanji. I thought ‘Roy Frank’ was one person! The poster says it is ‘Rai & Frank. I also wondered what Gogola means. You have answered it.

76 ksbhatia August 22, 2016 at 11:06 pm

AK ji;

With heaps of vintage songs added by Venkatraman ji and sharma ji , I stand no where in their comparison . The dig out songs really shows powerful batting . If one is playing googly and mastering it, the other one is facing doosra and trying desperately to give a solid match.

I think we all need to make up for the medals that our worthy players could not get at the olympics inspite of their best efforts . But I salute the show put up by woman power of our team. Watching their games live was a great experience . With Ms. Mumbaikar 8 in the race the battle has already been lost half way.

77 ksbhatia August 23, 2016 at 12:22 am


The C H Atma song …..kahne ko to kuch…..is a beautiful song which was also in my mind . Now you beat me here in selecting it earlier .

I have a few more to add to my listing , hope every one enjoys.

22. Baat niklegi to door talak jaayegi…..Jagjit Singh


23.Har ek baat pe kahete kya ho….Jagjit Singh….Mirza Ghalib [ Gulzar]


24.Meine kaha tumse….Lata, Mukesh…Hemant Kumar…Maa Beta


25.Mohabaat jisko kahte hain….Lata, Hemant…Hemant…Maa Beta


26.Itna toh kehdo humse …Lata, Hemant….KA…..Saheli


27.Saath ho tum aur raat jawan…..Mukesh, Lata…Kanch ki guddiya…


28.Kehdo kehdo jahaan se yeh kehdo….Rafi, suman…April fool….SJ


29.Kuchh bhi na kahha…..Prem Kahani….Noorjahan….


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiN2kpMgVto%5B Pak version]

30. Pal pal dil ke paas…..Kishore…..Black Mail….KA


31. main kya janu kya jadoo hai…jab nain mile nainoan ne kaha…..K.L.Saigal….Zindagi [1940]


……to be continued….

78 Arunkumar Deshmukh August 23, 2016 at 1:49 pm

N Venkataraman ji Ref No comment No 66

Roy- Frank who gave music to the only film Gogola-66 were a pair of highly unmatching people. While frank was from Music industry, Mukund Rai Trivedi ( Roy) was from a Mine owner family of Balaghat,MP having a passion for music.
Roy-Frank…Md of film Gogola-66 was not one person. It was a jodi of Mukund Rai Trivedi( Roy) and Frank Fernando,an assistant to kalyan ji – Anand ji and few others. They gave music to only one film-Gogola. Mukund Roy returned to family business of Mines in Balaghat,M.P. and Frank became an assistant again.
Frank Fernando worked with Anil Biswas, Kishore Kumar, Roshan, C Ramchandra

79 Arunkumar Deshmukh August 23, 2016 at 1:57 pm

Giri ji/ N Venkatraman ji,

Here is the link for this song from Gogola-66.
In the comments after the song, you will find Story of the film given by me and many other informative comments on the film and the MD.


80 N Venkataraman August 23, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Pardon me Sir, I missed your comment (#65). I wish to Thank you for allowing my entries and the fair play medal award. But I would like to compete for the bronze to the best of my ability. Gold and silver are beyond reach.

In your initial edict, you cautioned us that the emphasis has to be on the issue of ‘saying’. The emphasis on “Kahna” has to be obvious. But you had a rethinking and decided to allow songs which have the word “kahna” in the mukhada.Thanks for this gesture Sir. In your role as the Chief Referee / adjudicator, I would like to seek one more clarification. Since you have included the song Hum bolega to bologe ki bolta hai, would you allow the songs with words the bolna, sunana etc. in the mukhda also. Would be looking forward to your decision.

81 N Venkataraman August 23, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Thanks for the information and the link. We are fortunate to have you among us for instant reference. So my hunch was right. Frank was Frank Fernand/Fernando/Fernandes. I have read about him in Naresh Fernandes’s book on Jazz. Thanks once again Arunji.

82 N Venkataraman August 23, 2016 at 2:17 pm

Bhatiaji, Arvinderji, Nasreenji and others
Enjoyed the songs posted, some of them were excellent. Thanks everybody.

83 N Venkataraman August 23, 2016 at 2:18 pm

After the latest round of this Kehnathlon race (there is no limit to the number of rounds), Bhatiaji and Arvinderji are running neck to neck and we may expect a photo-finish. If our Chief Referee permits the use of the verbs bolna, sunana etc., I feel, Bhatiaji is marginally ahead. You overlooked Nasreenji, who has silently positioned herself in the third position, ahead of Mumbaikarji, Rakeshji, Samirji and yours truly.

84 N Venkataraman August 23, 2016 at 2:20 pm

Thank you for endorsing my view. I also appreciate your generosity of spirit for conceding the bronze. But that doesn’t help, because Nasreenji is way ahead and if Rakeshji, Samirji and you decide to step up the pace, it is going to be tough and interesting. Please be in the race, we would like you to be with us till the finishing line! That would enhance the spirit and joy of participation.

85 AK August 23, 2016 at 2:35 pm

I wish every sportsman was like you. Bolna has to be allowed as it is a synonym of Kahna. Sunana will be admissible only if it comes in tandem with kahna. Jignesh is doing a tremendous job as an Umpire. I hope he has seen the Rules of the Game, and would do the necessary corrections.

Thanks a lot for your volunteering to do the onerous task of judging the contest.

86 N Venkataraman August 23, 2016 at 3:06 pm

In continuation………..
7. Mann Murakh Kehna Maan by K C Dey, film Meenakshi (1942), lyrics Pt.Bhushan, music Pankaj Mullick

8. Ab Mujhe Aapki Tasvir Se Kuch Kehna Hai by Vinod (!!?!!), film Khamosh Nigahen (1946), lyric Aziz Kashmiri, music Vinod
The uploader of this songs says the singer is Vinod. Needs confirmation.

9. Abb Kaun Hai Mera Kaho by Surendranath, film Anmol Ghadi (1946), lyrics Tanvir Naqvi, music Nushad

10. Suno Meri Sarkar Jawani Kya Kehti Hai by Shamshad Begum and Zohrabai Ambalewali, film Mirza Sahiban (1947), lyrics Aziz Kashmiri, music Pt. Amarnath-Husnlal-Bhagatram

11. Kahe jiya dole ho kaha nahi jaye by Uma Devi, film Anokhi Ada (1948), lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, music Naushad

12. Mai kaise kah du tumse apne dil ki baate by Amirbai Karnataki and Md.Rafi, film Jeevan Saathi (1949), lyrics Hamid Khumar (?), music S Mohinder
Arviderji posted the song Aankhen keh gayien Dil ki baat from Laadli (1949). Here I add one more song from this film

13. Kaise kah du bajariya ke bich ye to kano me kahne wali baat hai by Lata Mangeshkar, film Laadli (1949), lyrics Nazim Panipati, music Anil Biswas

Am I on a roll now?

87 Nasreen August 23, 2016 at 3:53 pm

Venkataramanji (posts 83 & 84)

I should start with a Thank You. I did not even think of myself as one of the contenders (among obvious experts), leave alone being somewhere in the front 🙂 That is certainly a bit of a surprise :).
But now that I am there, the only thing to do is plod on….esp. when songs just keep planting themselves in my head. Here is one from “Om Shanti Om”.

And another one: Kuch na kano (Love Story)


88 mumbaikar8 August 23, 2016 at 5:20 pm

I am being honest and not generous. I stand no chance of medal, now Nasreen being way ahead and Rakesh and Samir in the race I lose my chance of forth place too:(
I should thank Jignesh for his generosity towards me. He was carried away by his favorite dukhi man mere.

Nasreen in your excitement you missed that Kuch na kahon is there in AK’s original list:)

89 mumbaikar8 August 23, 2016 at 5:31 pm

Ghalib has said it all without using either kahna aur bolna when he says
या रब वह न समझें है न समझेंगे मेरी बात
दे और दिल उनको जो न दे मुझको ज़बाँ और

90 Nasreen August 23, 2016 at 6:21 pm

Mumbaikar8 (post 88)

Like you, I am being honest too when I say that I have no idea how I am way ahead – really confused. Is this being calculated on the number of songs we are thinking of ? Because even though I have not counted everyone’s songs (the honourable judges being best placed to do this:), I didn’t feel that I had mentioned that many songs?

Thanks also for pointing out my mistake in duplicating “Kuch na kaho”. Sincere apologies! You are right that I overlooked the original post, was just quickly scanning everyone else’s posts to see if I was duplicating. Just shows I’m not that great a player after all 🙂
Time to polish up my game 🙂 Otherwise Mumbaikar you may yet win – I would cheer anyway, womenpower after all.

91 Giri August 23, 2016 at 6:34 pm

Arun Ji @78&79,
Thank you for further information on Roy-Frank.

92 AK August 23, 2016 at 7:32 pm

This also has
कहते हैं कि गा़लिब का अन्दाज़-ए-बयां और
which is admissible as per Bhatiaji’s entries.

93 Jignesh Kotadia August 23, 2016 at 9:27 pm

Dear AKji
i cant say it’s my pleasure..
i was making some fun out of this and u took it seriously 🙂 u put a thorny crown of fulltime umpireship on my head !! 🙂 🙂 feeling like Raju guide 🙁 🙁

94 Jignesh Kotadia August 23, 2016 at 9:42 pm

OK, if u have decided for me to go on as an umpire
i want to display the rules of this particular race.

Kehnathlon Rules

This contest’s Primal word is “KEHNA”.other forms of KEHNA….like KAHA, KAHI, KEH DO,KEHNA, KEHTA/TI, KAHO, KAHU etc are allowed equally.

Those songs will be discounted in which first person enforces to other to tell or say something without using KEHNA group words.e.g. “Bol gori bol tera kaun piya” will not be counted but Yeh to KAHO kaun ho tum will be accepted.

Maximum score for a song (fresh entry) is 10.
A performer can cover maximun points if he/she presents a song from the time frame 1902-1971, since this arena is closely related with a certain time frame.
(hence, filmy-non filmy both are allowed)
a song from 1972-1980 will score a maximum 8.
a song from post 1980 era will score maximum of 6.

Points will be reduced further to half of the maximum if the selected song is having variants of “KEHNA”..e.g. Bolna, Sunana.
e.g. “sunaaun kisko afsana” will score mere 5 points.

Repeats have no value. Will score only 0.

Produnova Vault song.

This is a special song which is iconic, highly classic, touches every heart.
generally we give maximum 10 points for any valid song, but Produnova vault song is an exception..any player can score 20 points by presenting such song.

{ until now we have 3 such songs here..1. Aaj mujhe kuchh kehna hai (Girl friend) 2. Kuchh dil ne kahaa (Anupama) and lastly 3. Dukhi man mere (Funtoosh). }

7. All entries will be accepted only until Mr.AK bring out a new serpent from his basket.

8. All disputes subject to the jurisdiction of SoY family court.
Only the chief justice Mr.AK holds the powers to alter these rules.

95 AK August 23, 2016 at 9:49 pm

This is a complete codification. Thanks a lot. One could only add that “kahna” or its other eligible variants have to figure in the mukhada, i.e. the first two lines of the song. If one has to use a microscope to locate it, it would be disallowed.

96 Jignesh Kotadia August 23, 2016 at 9:50 pm

A warning to the performers of this contest

plz dont decide yourself who is ahead and behind, while running, it is the task of jury. Do concentrate only on own presentation. Point tally will be revealed later. Thanks for cooperating.

97 Jignesh Kotadia August 23, 2016 at 10:04 pm

OK, Akji
I missed this, thanx for reminding.
the Kehna and it’s variants must be in MUKHDA.

98 ksbhatia August 24, 2016 at 12:25 am

Venkatraman ji ;

Thanks once again for further adding your vintage songs. Some of them are new to me and have enjoyed listening to them .

Jignesh Katodia

Thank you, your honour for listing out the rules and regulations . I think we have to be careful posting songs as they will be subjective to tight scrutiny .

I will continue with my listing and posting of songs related to the theme as under :

32.Dekhte hi tujhe mere dil ne kaha….MK…Parivar…..KA


33.Ek baat kahoon….Mukesh, MK, Suman….Datta Ram….Shriman Satyawadi


34. Chodd do aanchal….Kishore, Asha….SDB…Paying Guest


35. Pyar hua ekrar hua hai….Lata, Manna Dey…SJ….Shri 420


36. Yeh raatein yeh mausam nadi ka kinara…..Kishore, Asha……Ravi….


37.Ek din bik jaayega……Mukesh….RDB…..Dharam Karam


…..to be continued….

99 Hans August 24, 2016 at 2:33 am

I am coming after a lot of time. There were some personal reasons, which are known to Sharmaji and AK. I dont want to say anything, because everything has already been said in praise of the write up which I could have said and also about the code for evaluation of the contributions. I fully agree with the code that every variant of kahna should be included and that should be in mukhda.

As all my co-contributors Sharmaji, Bhatiaji, Venkatramanji and Mumbaikar8, who were very active once, are active in this thread, this is the right time to enter. There is also an added advantage of a medal hope. Though many of my favourites have been presented by the four named above and whose likings match with me to a large extent, I still have a long list. So I am giving the list here with no links. Later I may give links of some songs. Sorry for the inconvenience, which those interested in listening these songs, would have in searching the links. I have taken care not to repeat the song posted by my other friends, but if it happens inadvertantly, I apologise in advance. Late entries are perhaps not barred from the medal race. So here is the list. Hope to add some more.

1. is tarah toda mera dil ….. ye to kah jate – asha – shehnai
2. koi kahde zamane se jake – asha – baharen phir bhi aayengi
3. yun hasaraton ke daag … dil se dil ki baat kahi aur ro liye – lata – adalat
4. ramchandra kah gaye siya se – mahendra – gopi
5. wo paas rahen ….. kya pyar isi ko kahte hain – suraiyya – badi bahan
6. main kahdoon tumko chor – suraiyya, rafi – sanam
7. mera gadha gadhon ka leader, kahta hai ye dilli jakar – rafi – meherbaan
8. kahte hain pyar kisko panchhi – chitalkar – baarish
9. wo na aayenge palat kar unhen lakh hum bulayen, meri hasaraton se kehdo ke ye khab bhool jayen – mubarak – devdas
10. ye duniya wale….. ye baat kisi se na kahna – asha, kishore – mahal
11. sach kahati hai duniya ishaq pe jor nahin – lata – IPZN
12. kahta hai joker sara zamana – mukesh – MNJ
13. chehre pe giri zulfen kahdo to hata doon – rafi – suraj
14. sharm aati hai magar aaj ye kahna hoga – lata – padosan
15. log kahte hain ki hum tum se kinara karlen – rafi – bahu begam
16. mere dil men hai ik baat kahdo to bhala – manna, lata – post box 999
17. tujhe sooraj kahun ya chanda – manna – ek phool do mali
18. chup ho aaj kaho kya hai baat – kishore – 36 ghante
19. bina sifarish mile naukri bin rishwat ho kaam, isiko anhonee kahte hai isika kaljug naam…bacha le ae maula ae raam – rafi – aadmi aur insaan
20. bura mat suno bura mat dekho bura mat kaho – rafi – ASJK
21. suno sajana papihe ne kaha sabse pukar ke – lata – ASJK
22. duniya men nahin koi yaar wafadaar zamana sach kehta hai – lata, rafi – amber
23. hai isi men pyar ki aabroo wo jafa karen main wafa karoon, jo wafa bhi kaam na aa sake to wohi kahen main kya karun – lata – anpadh
24. meri jaan mujhe jaan na kaho – geeta – anubhav
25. badtameej kaho ya kaho – rafi – badtameej
26. qaid men hai bulbul saiyyad muskuraye, kaha bhi na jaye – lata – bedard zamana kya jane
27. zara najron se kahdoji nishana – hemant – bees saal baad
28. dharti kahe pukar ke – manna – do bigha zameen
29. iktara bole sun sun kya kahe ye tumse – mahendra – yaadgaar
30. tim tim karte tare ye kahte hai saare – lata – CKRK
31. maine aur kya kiya balam yahi to kah diya – asha, mahendra – daadi maa
32. tu kan hai mera kahde balam – lata – deedar
33. kahne wale sach kah gaye hain – rafi, chitalkar – nirala
34. tu mere pyar ka phool ya koi bhool hai kah nahin sakti – lata – DKP
35. hum tere pyar men sara aalam kho baithe, tum kahte ho ke – lata – DEM
36. yahan koi nahin tera mere siwa kahti hai jhoomte – rafi – dil ek mandir
37. gusse men jo nikhra hai us husn ka kya kehana – mukesh – DHTH
38. ye raten ye mausam nadi ka kinara ye chanchal hawa, kaha do dilon ne – asha, kishore – dilli ka thug
39. ye dil hai muhabbat ka pyasa is dil ka tadapna kya kahiye – mukesh – dil ne phir yaad kiya
40. jane wafa jane jahan jane tamanna kahoon – rafi, lata – DTD
41. diwana mujhko log kahen – mukesh – dewana
42. pate ki baat kahega – mukesh – dewana
43. kya kahne masha allah najre teer – rafi, suman – ji chahta hai
44. titli ude ud jo chali phool ne kaha – sharada – suraj
45. kah gaye father ibraheem – manna – izzat
46. hamaar kaha mano rajaji – asha, usha – dulhan ek raat ki
47. kuchh kahen to khafa – rafi – ek shriman ek shrimati
48. us paar is deewar ke jo rahte hain, koi kehde unse jake – rafi – saiyyan
49. bin dekhe aur bin pehchane tum pe hum qurbaan, muhabbat isko kahte hain – rafi – jab pyar kisi se hota hai
50.dil jo bhi kahega manenge – mukesh – dil hi to hai
51. dil leke chhupne wale tu hai kahan bata de – rafi, lata – paras
52. duniya ek kahani re bhaiya, tumne kahdi – rafi – afsana
53. duniya ne mujhko hai samjha nakara, nalayak-2 kahke – rafi – nalayak
54. hum tum jise kahta hai shadi – rafi – kagaz ke phool
55. hamen tumse muhabbat hai magar hum hah nahi sakte – asha – aurat(67)
56. jo ek baar kahdo – rafi – pooja
57. kaise kahoon jee ke bain piya bin – kl sehgal – devdaas (1935)
58. koi aaya dhadkan kahti hai – asha – lajwanti
59. man re tu hi bata kya gaaun, kahdoon apne dil ke – lata – humrahi
60. na mano to koi shikayat nahin, magar ye na kahna muhabbat nahin – suman, rafi – ustad 420
61. wo saadgi kahen ise deewangi kahen – rafi – shama
62. vaishnavjan to tene kahiye – manna – narsi bhagat
63. wo din kidhar gaye kaho – suraiyya – singaar
64. chaman ke phool bhi tumko gulab kahte hain – rafi, lata – shikari
65. ek tha gul aur ek thi bulbul, ….mere nana kahte the – rafi – JJPK
66. hum bhi agar bachche hote …. aur duniya kahti happy birthday to you – rafi, asha, manna – door ki awaaj
67. jo tumko ho pasand wohi baat – mukesh – safar
68. maine poochha chand se …. chand ne kaha – rafi – abdullah

100 Nasreen August 24, 2016 at 5:30 am

Now who could match up to Hans-ji’s list. I think some of us (also due to the new stringent and quite strict sounding but perfectly just rules), have to gracefully resign. I’m pulling out, as I also have time constraints, being a busy mum and and can’t afford to participate in competitions.

Good luck to all of you, it will be interesting to see the final results. (Can there by an indication of when the finish line is?)


101 Jignesh Kotadia August 24, 2016 at 6:25 am

@ Nasreenji
Dont give up. Enjoy and Carry on..this is not Olympics 🙂 🙂
I have indicated final date in rule no. 7

very happy to see Hansji here

with a giant leap, from out of nowhere he is now among the leading players of this contest..ha ha ha

102 Jignesh Kotadia August 24, 2016 at 6:31 am

we missed to make a rule abt Late Entries and a rule abt how Bigger should be ??? 🙂 🙂
so, your entry is a Valid one…go on

103 AK August 24, 2016 at 7:34 am

Welcome back. This is one giant leap. The competition heats up.

104 Siddharth August 24, 2016 at 10:47 am

Wow!! That’s a new benchmark set by Hansji.
Let me add few more- (I hope they are not repeated)

1.Kaise kahen hum pyaar ne humko – Sharmilee (1971)
2.Aap kahen aur hum na aayen -Des Pardes (1978)
3.Aansoo bhari hai ye jeevan ki raahein, koi unse kehde – Parvarish (1958)
4.Zara sun lo hum apne pyaar ka afsana kehte hain – Bazaar (1949)
5. Kaate nahi kat te …..lo aaj main kehta hoon – Mr.India(1987)
6. Log kehte hain main sharaabi hoon – Sharaabi(1984)
7. Angrezi mein kehte hain…- Khuddar (1982)
8. Papa kehte hain- Qayamat se qayamat tak (1988)
9. Ik baat kahoon gar mano tum – Golmaal (1979)
10. Soch rahi thi kahoon na kahoon – Ek phool char kaante (1960)
11. Kehna hi kya – Bombay (1995)
12. Sar par topi lal haath mein…o tera kya kehna -Ttumsa nahin dekha (1957)
13. Jaane kahan gaye wo din kehte the teri yaad mein – Mera NaamJoker (1970)
14. Keh rahi hai dhadkane pukar kar – Lal Pari (1954)

Now few ghazals –
15. Dil cheez kya hai…bas ek baar mera kaha maan leejiye – Umrao Jaan (1981)
16. Mana teri nazar mein…kaise kahen ke tere talabgaar hum nahin – Ahista Ahista (1981)
17.Kaun kehta hai mohabbat ki zubaan hoti hai – Jagjit-Chitra Singh
18.Agar hum kahein aur woh muskura de -Jagjit-Chitra Singh
19. Kal chaudvin ki raat thi ..kuch ne kaha ye chaand hai kuch ne kaha chehra tera-Jagjit Singh
20. Koi ye kaise bataye ki woh tanhaa kyun hai – Jagjit Singh
21. Wo chup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte hain jo baat karle to bujhte chirag jalte hain – Jahan Ara (1964)
22. Unko ye shiqayat hai ki hum kuch nahin kehte – Adalat (1958)

Now my favourite –
23. Koi ye kehde gulshan gulshan – Begum Akhtar

All the best Jignesh :-).

105 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 11:05 am

So much has happened within less than 24 hours. After Nasreenji withdrawing, I thought I have a fair chance. But Hansji and Siddharthji have made a grand entry with huge performances. Even Bhatiaji and Arvinderji cannot rest on their laurels and be assured of the top two slots. Well I remain satisfied with the fair play award, which was prematurely given to me by AKji. In keeping with the spirit of participation I would try to be with you till the finish.

Hansji it is indeed a great pleasure to have you back among us. Hope everything is fine with you. My best wishes.

106 arvindersharma August 24, 2016 at 11:06 am

Apni apni sabne keh di
Lekin hum chupchap rahe
I wonder if Rajendra Kumar had taken a leaf from Hans Ji, Sangam would have been a different story.
Now the competition will be surely something different, Venkataram Ji and I will have to dig all our resources.
And this will be no easy task for our judges as well.
Will be coming up with more ammo

107 arvindersharma August 24, 2016 at 11:08 am

Sorry for the typo error Venkataraman Ji

108 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 12:11 pm

in continuation………
14. Mann Ki Baatiyan Ka Re Bolun by Kanan Devi, film Maa (1936), lyrics B N Gupta, music S P Rane

15. Jaa Ri Sakhi Saajan Se Kah De by Surendra and Maya Banerjee, film Dynamite (1939), lyrics Pt. Indira, music Anil Biswas

16. Maine Kaha Babu Ji Itna Bataoge by Lata Mangeshkar and Md.Rafi, film Chhoti Bhabhi (1950), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

17. Suno Buzurgo Ka Ye Kehna by Ram Kamlani, film Meena bazaar (1950), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

18. Dil jawani ke nashe se chur hai kaun kahta hai ke dilli dur hai by Md.Rafi, film Birha Ki Raat (1950), lyrics Sarshar Sailani, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

19. Mujhe Dard De Ke Ye Kah Diya by Shamshad Begum, film Pyar ka Manzil (1950), lyrics Shewan Rizwi, music Husnlal Bhagatram

20. Kaun kehta hai by Shreya Ghoshal and Udit Narayan, film Blackmail (2005), lyrics Sameer, music Himesh Reshamiya

109 Shalan Lal August 24, 2016 at 3:26 pm

With refeence to the first song “Kuchh Log To Kahenge” from “Amar Prem” I wonder the word “Kuchh Log” means some people or if you take the whole line and translate it as “Some”, and then say some (thing) people would say … that means people had some saying which often not good or some of the people would say “(something) that is hurtful.

In the context of the Actress Minister Smriti Irani it was hurtful. I think lady had very bad welcome fromt ehmedia right from the begning.

That due her public image too much exposed in the media and made her job difficult. But then PM has right to do reshuffling whenver he finds it necessary.

As for the present ambiance of the post and taken to some sort of Olympic mood is new invention on the “SoY” and enjoyable to see.

For me I do not like any kind of “Competitive Race”. But Ima not immune to watch thegames. I watch Tennis and Oxfor Cambridge Boat Race regularly. But Idonot watch Football or Cricket.

Personally Isay about present state

“Hod Lagi hai Duniya Ke Bazaar Mein Dil Ki
Yahan To Kabase Dil Jalaa Hai Par Hod Nahi Buzi”

Shalan La

110 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 6:20 pm

in continuation……

21. Dil unse kehte darta ha by Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar, film Surjamukhi (1950), lyrics Rajendra krishan/Gulshan Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

22. Kah Kah Do Kali Badli Daraye Na by Geeta Dutt and Surinder Kaur, film Khamosh Sipahi (1950), lyrics D N Madhok, music Hansraj Behl

23. Mujhse Ye Keh Rahi Hai by Md.Rafi, Shamshad Begum, Geeta Dutt, film Gauna (1950), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

111 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 6:28 pm

And some more …………

24. Sach Kahati Hai Duniyaa Isak Pe Jor Nahin by Lata Mangeshkar, film Ishq par Zor Nahi (1970), lyrics Anand Bakshi, music S D Burman

25. Kaise Kahu Kaise Kahu by Lata Mangeshkar, film Kaise kahun (1964), lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, music S D Burman

26. Aise Me Kachhu Kaha Nahi Jaye by Asha Bhosle, film Bombai Ka Babu (1960), lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri, music S D Burman

27. Sharmili Nigahen Kehti Hain by Asha Bhosle, film Society (1955), lyrics Sahir Ludhianvi, music S D Burman

28. Dekho Mose Sanchi Kaho Banwari by Lata Mangeshkar, film Madbhare Nain (1955), lyrics Shailendra, music S D Burman

29.Ek hum aur dusre tum, tisra koi nahi yu kaho hum ek hain, aur dusra koi nahi by Kishore Kumar, Geeta Dutt, film Pyar (1950), lyrics Rajendra Krishan, music S D Burman

30. Kahne ko hai taiyar magar kaise kahe hum by Geeta Dutt and Surendra, film Kamal (1949), lyrics Gopal Singh Nepali, music S D Burman

112 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 6:39 pm

Hope you are keeping track and doing necessary tabulation. All the best.

113 Nasreen August 24, 2016 at 6:46 pm

@Jignesh (101)
I am enjoying it but can’t carry on. Maybe if it WERE the Olympics I would have 🙂 – but this is so much more difficult….:)
No, the truth is, this does take up time (something I genuinely don’t have too much of) – and I’ve truly had my fun. Now, so many songs have been added, it’s almost going to be a race to the Internet and YouTube rather than a Kehnathlon coming from one’s memory …which it was for me. But I still think it’s a lot of fun, and of course I will remain here till the finish – but prefer to do so as an observer from the sidelines 🙂 Maybe silently cheering my favourites…….:)

114 Jignesh Kotadia August 24, 2016 at 8:27 pm

I understand your discouragement.
But do u know we have arranged a pair of 3 medals for each gender ?
So, dont be hopeless..and try to keep going as possible as..

115 Jignesh Kotadia August 24, 2016 at 8:29 pm

ab kya bataau aap ko..
apni hi buni hui jaal men buri tarah se fans chuka hun 🙁

116 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 10:07 pm

Himmat na harna. Look at my predicament. Bhatiaji aur Arvinderji were doing a fantastic job! I poked my nose in the temptation of a bronze. AKji is a nice person. He knows about my flashes of over enthusiasm. He gave me an exit route by offering the fair play medal. But I heroically (naively) declared, I WON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN BRONZE.

Jignesh, I know you are a honourable person and will go any length to keep your commitment. I am anxious to know the latest score card.
In the meantime there are few more additions, please take them into account too. I will post them within a short time. Thank you Jignesh.

117 Rakesh Srivastava August 24, 2016 at 10:26 pm

Had simply shared some songs of my choice on the theme, so irresistible, with no intention of participating in any race for which I am too old. Please keep me out.Best of luck to every one !!

118 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 10:27 pm

here are my further additions

31. Bolo bolo ha bolo bolo re sajanva by Nirmala, film Kanoon (1943), lyrics D N Madhok, music Naushad

32. mai kaise kahu tute hue dil ki kahani by Amirbai Karnataki, film Nargis (1946), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagtaram

33. Kuch Keh Na Sake Kuch Keh Bhi Gaye by Amirbai Karnataki, Shahnaz (1948), lyrics Akhtar Pilibhiti, music Amirbai Karnataki

34. Aye dil tere gamo ka mai kahu kis se fasana by Rajkumari, film Parda (1949), lyrics Ramand Sarswati, music Sharmaji

35. Hava Too Unase Jaakar Kah De by Md.Rafi and Shamshad Begum, film Rim Jhim (1949), lyrics Moti, music Khemchand Prakash

36.Kehti Hai Jawani Kisi Ko Dil Me Basa Le by Asha Bhosle, film Lekh (1949), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Krishna Dayal

119 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 10:36 pm

37. Sach Kahataa Hai Johnny Walker by Asha Bhosle, film Aji Bas Sukhriya (1958), lyrics Farooq Qaisar, music Roshan
38. Kaho Ji Tum Kya Kya Kharidoge by Lata Mangeshkar, film Sadhna (1958), lyrics Sahir Ludhianvi, music N Dutta

120 N Venkataraman August 24, 2016 at 10:38 pm

and a few more…….
39. Mai Kyo Na Nachhu Aaj, Kaho Ji, Mera Jiya Lehraya by Asha Bhosle, flm Paigham (1959), lyrics Kavi Pradeep, music C Ramchandra

40. Haale Dil Mai Kya Kahu by Lata Mangeshkar, film Uran Khatola (1955), lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, music Naushad

41. Aankho Me Aankhe Daal Ke Kya Kehna Chate Ho by Shamshad Begum, film Toofan aur Diya (1956), lyric Bharat Vyas(?), music Vasant Desai

42. Bedardi Nazaren Milaa Ke Kah De Kyaa Hai Teri Marzi by Lata Mangeshkar, film Aji Bas Sukhriya (1958), lyrics Farooq Qaisar, music Roshan

121 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 12:37 am

points are ready of all the players..but i will not reveal it right now..i can only tell u that u have done a great job today. U r among top 5 with Hansji, Bhatiaji, Sharmaji and Siddharthji.
But one thing i want to inform, Hansji is far ahead then the other 4, with only single attempt.

122 ksbhatia August 25, 2016 at 12:55 am

…..in continuation of songs @98 , here are a few more…..

38. Haseen waadiyon….Rafi…..Lal Bangla….Usha Khanna


39.Yeh jhuki jhuki si nigahen teri…..Rafi. …Aao pyar karen…Usha khanna


40.Ek dil ne kaha….Rafi….Parda…..Khayam


41.main agar kahoon…Sonu Nigam, Ghoshal….Om Shanti Om…..Vishal, Shekhar


42.Tum se kuch kahna hai…..Mukesh, Lata….Guest House….Chitragupt


42. Ek bar jara tum kehdo….Hemant, Lata…Bin Badal Barsaat…Hemant Kumar


….to be continued…..

123 D P Rangan August 25, 2016 at 4:30 am


The present race for posting maximum number of songs in the hope of receiving a medal has become sort of frenzy. You as the final judge are in an unenviable position like Paris in the Greek Legend when he had to judge who was the best goddess among the three. He chose one for her beauty and the result was the Trojan War. I hope this will be confined to this blog and not extended for future ones. I will be on the sidelines awaiting final result.

124 AK August 25, 2016 at 5:35 am

DP Rangan,
My intent was to include only those songs in which the focus was on “kahna”. I had also given an illustration of “Saawan ke baadlo, unse ye ja kaho” that it would not be treated as a “kahna” song, as the focus was on saawan/baadal. Yet this was mentioned by the readers and several more merely on the basis of the word “kahna” occurring in the song. The filter was swept away by the deluge. Therefore, I accepted the inevitable and allowed all songs which have “kahna” or its variant in the mukhada of the song. Jignesh is doing an admirable job as a judge. I plan to compile those songs which fit my criteria originally intended. This would not affect the medals given by Jignesh.

125 Nasreen August 25, 2016 at 6:31 am

@Jignesh 114

Thank Jignesh for your persistence in trying to keep everyone in the game:) I’m honestly not after a medal and definitely don’t deserve any 🙂
But having said that, here’s a song I just thought of, not necessarily to be added to my score. Also not sure if it has been added by someone before. Now that it’s all official and there are judges, I think it’s fair to hand over the painful task of checking duplications, etc. to them. I did think of “Unko yeh shikayat hai ki hum kuch nahi kehte” then noticed that Mr. Siddharth (Post 104) has added it already towards the end of his list.
The other song which I thought of was:

Zara nazron se kehdo ji

Not sure if it’s a duplication.

But just to avoid being thought of as “Really Unsporting” 🙂 I may keep coming back if any more songs strike me on this theme. With the several long lists we have already, I feel we might have reached the point of exhaustion.

126 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 7:58 am

Rakeshji and DPRanganji
I know you people were and are not the part of this crazy race and our regular interesting discussions have been sidelined since last one or two days, but this was not anticipated And anticipited does never happen.
This drama is a rare occurence on SoY and will end soon. Until then let encourage our energetic and dynamic runners to win a Gold for our country.. 🙂

127 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 8:16 am

Unko yeh shikayat hai….is a REPEAT….and from this post’s MAIN LIST ???!! this is a Major offence..

128 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 8:18 am

KSBhatiaji @122
no. 40 and 41 are Repeats !

129 Siddharth August 25, 2016 at 9:58 am

You are right. I thought i was careful but still repeated the song and that too from the main list.
Seeing so many songs one would say –
Kehne ko jashn-e-bahara hai ishq ye dekh ke hairaan hai.

One more popular number –
Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai

and finally kabhi alvida na kehna.

130 Siddharth August 25, 2016 at 10:51 am

Couldn’t resist posting this one –

Mayi ri main kaase kahoon peer apne jiya ki (Dastak) (1970)
Singers-Lata/Madan Mohan, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Madan Mohan


131 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 12:15 pm

Hello everybody, I am back.

43. aye sabah unko kah jara ke hume bekarar kar diya by Md. Rafi and Shamshad Begum, film Alibaba aur 40 Chor (1954), lyrics Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, music S N Tripathi and Chitragupt

44. Mere Dil Kee Dhadakan Kya Bole by Lata Mangeshkar and Talat Mahmood, film Anhonee (1952), lyrics Shailendra, music Roshan

45. Iss Dil Kee Halat Kya Kahiye by Lata Mangeshkar, film Anhonee (1952), lyrics Sardar, music Roshan

46 kaha hai unhone ye raaz e mohabbat kasam hai tumhe tum kisi se na kahna by Lata Mangeshkar, film Anhonee (1952), lyrics Satyendra, music Roshan

47. Mere Piya Se Koyi Jake Keh De by Lata Mangeshkar, film Aashiana (1952), lyrics Rajinder Krishan, music Madanmohan

132 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 12:27 pm

43 and 47 are repeats.
44…is a variant…i can give u 5 for that.

133 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 12:31 pm

i am happy u brought a fantastic song of Rajkumari from Parda 1949…Aye dil tere ghamon ka main kahu kis se fasana.

and Haal e dil main kya kahun

134 Dinesh K Jain August 25, 2016 at 12:44 pm

Has SoY now become something else, far from what it was supposed to be?

135 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 12:48 pm

Zara nazron se keh do ji
is also a repeat from Hansji’s list.

But, u brought a nice non-filmy ghazal of Rafi :
Aaj is khat men nayi baat tumhen likhta hun..

since Likhta hun is a silent cousin of Kehta hun,
and the act is being done by first person u will get 5 for this.

your latest release Maai rii main kaase kahun
is a candidate of “Produnova”….bravo
the entry of Lataji in this song after MM’s verse is as impactful as Mukesh’s in Ramaiya Vastavaiya…isnt ?

136 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 1:46 pm

Accepted. My mistake.
True. One good thing about this exercise is, I could listen to some good songs after a long time and few were new to me.

I can see/sense murmurs of disapproval. I understand. It will not last long. This is a one-off case. Please bear with me/us.

137 AK August 25, 2016 at 2:19 pm

Nothing has changed in SoY. The Olympic fever has caught on the readers. Jignesh has also announced the race would when the next post appears. Meanwhile, there is no bar on readers engaging in a different kind of discussion.

138 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 3:28 pm

Here is a dance song by P Susheela of the south. Vaijayanthimala was the dancer. I came to know about this song and the film from Atulji’s blog this year (February), where Sadanand Kamathji had posted this song with a description about the choreographer. Arunji had provided the details about the MD Ramesh Naidu.
48. Kya Kya Kahu Re Kanha by P Susheela, film Piya Milan (1958), lyrics Harsh, music Ramesh Naidu

Siddarthji’s Produnova entry ‘Maai rii main kaase kahun’ reminded me of another song from the same film.
49. Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat Paron Se Halki – Halki by Md.Rafi, film Dastak (1970), lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri, music Madanmohan

139 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 5:24 pm

A Saigal song
50. Us mast nazar pe padi jo nazar, kajre ne kaha mat dekho idhar, maine kaha mai to dekhunga by K L Saigal, film Parwana 1947, lyrics D N Madhok, music Khemchand Prakash

I am posting another song from Sanam, Hansji posted the song Main kahdoon tumko chor by Suraiya & Rafi
51. Ye Kehti Hai Dunia Tujhe Bhul Jau by Suraiya, film Sanam (1951), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Husnlal-Bhagatram

140 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 6:41 pm

An interesting song. There is no orchestration/Prelude or interlude in this song. Hearing this song for the first time. Had it been already posted,I might have missed it.
52. Husn kehte hai mujhe noor ka shola hoon main…by Talat Mahmood & Asha Bhosle, film Mera Salam (1957), lyrics Shewan Rizvi, music Hafeez Khan

A NFS Ghazal by Asha Bhosle followed by another Ghazal by Farida Khanum
53. RoodadE Mohabbat Kya Kahiye by Asha Bhosle, NFS Album Meraj E Ghazal (1983), lyrics Saghar Siddique, music Ghulam Ali

54. Na-rawaa Kahiye, Na-sazaa kahiye by Farida Khanum, Album : Farida Khanum in concert Vol.2 (1979), lyrics Dagh Dehelvi

141 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 7:50 pm

Here is another find (at least for me). While searching I came across this melodious song (in fact two versions-Male / Female), KHUCH APNI KAHIYE KHUCH MERI SUNIYE from a 1963 Pakistani film Talaash. I gathered that it was golden jubilee hit film produced from Dhaka.The music director was Robin Ghosh, was from East Pakistan (later Bangladesh) and he won the best compser award (Nigar Award) for the year 1963 for this film.

55. Kuch apni kahiye kuchh meri suniye, Pakistani film Talaash (1963), lyrics Suroor Barbankvi/ Ishrat Calkattvi, music Robin Ghosh

The female version by Ferdausi Begum

The male version by Basheer Ahmed

142 mumbaikar8 August 25, 2016 at 9:10 pm

Ksbhaatiaji @ 7
I am sorry, I missed your comment altogether.
Kahne to kooch is a typical C H Atma song but I would not put on the same level as Koochh di lne kaha
That song will fetch you double points:)
You were back with a bang after a long absence and once again you are quiet. Are you preparing for a century?
You are being too kind by having 3 medals for my gender, that means that you guarantee Nasreen and me with gold or a silver and a bronze for anyone who chips in a song or two
I am sure Nasreen will agree with me that we are here to enjoy the fun of participation and competition If we deserve we will win, we want to win on level playing field.
We are not as serious and professionals. All the contenders for medals are numbering their songs!
We are as serious as this sher
ज़माना बडे शौक से सुन रहा था
हम ही सो गाये दास्ताँ कहते कहते
Any points for this sher?
Sorry Hans!
Question for umpire and third umpire any negative points for not uploading songs?
Enjoying the barrage of songs! Contending for gold!
I am here with few more.
Kismet ka khel Lata Manna dey
Kah do ji kah do
Madhur Milan Lata
Nazaren kooch nahin kahte
Opera House Lata
Sonana sitaron ka hai kahna
This song came to mind after listening to Venkataramanji song # 43
Kabuliwala Rafi
Ay saba kahna mere dilder ko
One more inspired by Venkataramanji .
A ghazal by Ghulam Ali
Kyoon poochhte ho

143 mumbaikar8 August 25, 2016 at 9:11 pm

Bhatiaji one mistake its @77 and not 7

144 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 10:03 pm


Yes , you are right. Barrage of songs. Bombardment, onslaught?
This is my first attempt/ experience in posting so many songs. And I realize when you try to get quantity, quality suffers. But among the heap you find some new songs and sometimes a couple of gems too. . BTW song #43 was earlier posted by Arvinderji. Thank you for listening to the songs and the additions. Enjoyed the last two songs.

I would have loved to hear the following Ghazal in the voice of Habibwali Mohammad. Could not find the link.
56. Ja kahiyo unse nasime shaher by Mehdi Hassan, lyrics Bahdur Shah Zafar

145 N Venkataraman August 25, 2016 at 10:06 pm

To remain in contention here are few more….

57. Kaho Ek Baar, Mujhe Tumse Pyar by Talat Mahmood & Geeta Dutt, film Shabistan (1951), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music C Ramchandra

58. Kaho Ji Hum Kab Tak Kunware by Shankar Dasgupta & Sudha Malhotra, film Andheri Nagari Chaupat Raja (1955), lyrics Bharat Vyas, music Avinash Vyas

59. Sajanva fir to kaho ek baar balamva fir to kaho ek baar by Asha Bhosle,Raftaar (1955), lyrics Nakhshab Jaaravchi, music Shivram

60. Kehte Hai Jise Duniya by Md.Rafi, film Taxi 555 (1958), lyrics Prem Dhawan, music Sardar Malik

61. AeJji O Ji Kaho Ji by Md.Rafi and Shamshad Begum, film Chandi Puja (1957), lyrics Kavi Pradeep, music Ajit Merchant

146 ksbhatia August 25, 2016 at 11:33 pm

Venkatraman ji ;
I never knew we all were to face your hidden identity of Mr. Bolt …the champion runner…..with many Golds to his credit . An ant like me can’t reach even to the finishing line . Since I have to boost the morale of others I will add few more songs. The chances of duplication are increasing as theme songs are getting exhausted .

44. Sach kehta hun….Asha, Rafi…OPN….Jaali Note


45.Ek baat kahun…..Asha….Naushad…Amar


46.Preet yeh kaise bol….Lata….SJ….Daag


47.Akeli mohe chhood na jaana……Lata, Kamal Barot…KA…Madari


48.Na bole na bole….Lata…CR….Azaad


49. Zulmi sang aankh laadi…Lata…Salil da….Madhumati


50.Tujhe kya sunaon main….Rafi…MM….Aakhri Dao


….to be contd. …….

147 Hans August 25, 2016 at 11:45 pm

I am relieved that you have started posting songs. But, you are mistaken. All those posting songs are ardent listeners and do not rely on youtube except for providing links. I have a very long playlist. Sharmaji and Venkataramanji have perhaps bigger and certainly more varied list than mine. Bhatiaji is just a powerhouse who remembers even the words from antaras. Bhatiaji, Sharmaji and I listen regularly to Panjabi songs also. Venkataramanji is a multi-lingual expert. In SOY even a single song is important. Arunji mostly posts one or two songs, but all of us eagerly wait for his posts. you have seen that a single song mentioned from film ‘gogola’ elicited so much information. So never get disheartened and continue posting.

You have actually posted a list of so many gems. The Mukesh songs along with the other Mukesh songs indicate that he had a special relationship with ‘kehna’ songs like with ‘dil’, on which a special post was done by AK. Kah rahi hain dhadkanen pukar kar by the unusual pair of Talat and Geeta is just great and I listened it twice after seeing your list after a long gap. The duet from Tumsa Nahin Dekha is my favourite. Its tune is inspired from a haryanvi song and the words ‘o tera kya kehna’ have been directly lifted from that haryanvi song. In fact all the three Asha-Rafi duets are kehna songs.

Dekho kasam se kasam se kahte hain hain tumse

Aaye hain door se milne huzoor se, kahiye ji kuchh to kahiyehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdURLIJ8slQ

You reminded me of the duet from Sangam in which Mahendra Kapoor floored bogh Lata and Mukesh with his grand expression of the songs. Your list contains so many great songs which are my and everybody else’s favourites.

Thanks for the praise. Actually, I had a list of more than 100 songs ready. But, it was late night and my fingers had become sore and I was already feeling awkward for posting such a long list. I was waiting for others to post. I feel happy when others post my favourites. Mostly I have long lists on every thread, but I delay posting so that others, because it is better if songs come from a varied field.

You have posted so many gems. In fact you and Sharmaji have done the real research work on this blog. I have just posted from my playlist. Your song at no.19 just stumped me ‘mujhe dard de ke ye keh diya’. What lyrics and the tune by Behl and great singing by Shamshad. And this was absolutely new for me. Thanks.

148 Hans August 25, 2016 at 11:54 pm

Though you have not noticed my repeats, it is my duty to point them out. i took care, but mukhdas of some songs were not mentioned and only links were given. Some others were mentioned between the posts which I did not notice when I had hurriedly scanned through the old posts. The songs are

1. koi kahde zamane se jake
2. pate ki baat kahega
3. kehta hai joker
4. jo tumko ho pasand
5. mujhe jaan na kaho

And thanks for not scratching me for the doubt of doping, though anybody else would have thought I might have used PEDs for typing such a long list.

149 Jignesh Kotadia August 25, 2016 at 11:59 pm

you have added a super melody here..one of my darling songs.

Bulo CRani’s master creation : Fiza chup hai from Madhur Milan
JaanNisaar Akhtar’s wonderful lyrics

Fiza chup hai hawa chup hai nazare kuchh nahi kehte
kahan dubi meri kashti kinare kuch nahi kehte
meri bebas nigahon ne mere betaab ashqon ne
sitaron se tumhen puchha sitare kuch nahi kehte
gham-e-dil ka ishara hai chale aao chale aao
mohabbat besahara hai
kahan jakar chhupe ho aa bhi jaao, aa bhi jaao, aa bhi jaao

agar chaho bacha lo tum
agar chaho mita do tum
mite par bhi pukarega mera dil
aa bhi ja, aa bhi ja
gham-e-dil ka ishara hai chale aao chale aao

listen this too sweet composition of the great composer again..

this film has another Lata classic
Thukra ke hame yun jaa

listen this song’s prelude :
Ruth jaane ka to andaaz juda hota hai
Ye bataa jaa koi is tarah khafa hota hai…..

Amaaazing…..salute to BCRani.

150 Jignesh Kotadia August 26, 2016 at 12:03 am

I know your Repeats….but today i have pointed only today’s repeats due to time factor.

151 Jignesh Kotadia August 26, 2016 at 12:07 am

keh rahi hai dhadkane pukar kar from Lal pari
is posted here first by SSWji.

152 Jignesh Kotadia August 26, 2016 at 12:23 am

you have 2 more questions :

1. Any points for this sher ?
ans : if u can find any filmy-non filmy song having this SHER as mukhda then u can get points. Free SHERs are not eligible to score any point.

2. Any penalty for Hansji for not presenting links here ?
ans : Yes, definitely. When all participants come with YT links except him then unke liye penalty to banti hai. We have decided a sweet penalty for him…will reveal later.

153 Jignesh Kotadia August 26, 2016 at 12:28 am

49. Tumse kahu ek baat is also a Repeat.

154 Hans August 26, 2016 at 12:33 am

And now for some songs.

1. Chahe koi mujhe janglee kahe has been missed by all and by me in the first list. I am not giving the link as this might be on everybody’s playlist.
2. ‘Chhod do aanchal zamana kya kahega’ was also on my list but it has been already posted. So I am posting its sister song where anchal is replaced by zulfen and zamana is replaced by sab log. ‘Chhedo na meri zulfen sab log kya kahenge by Lata-Kishore
3. ‘Tora man darpan kahlaye’ by Asha from Kaajal. I am skipping its link.
4. ‘Kaise kahun main baat jia ki saanwaria’ is a great song by Asha from Gehra Daag. Ravi composed so many great songs for Asha and to me he is much better than OPN so far as Asha is concerned. Asha sings the song unmatched soft voice.
5. ‘Tu laage mora baalam ye kaise kahun main’ is a duet by Geeta and Usha Khanna from Hum Hindustani. The film was a great score by Usha Khanna after the stupendous Dil Deke Dekho.
6. The qawwali ‘meri barbaadi par mera ishq hi badnaam hai’ by unusual qawwali pair Rafi-Lata (Lata did not like the qawwali genre) from Chambal Ki Rani composed by Naushad, who also did not like qawwalis, starts with the prelude ‘fariyad karen hum to zamane se bure hain wo dard bhi de den to koi kuchh nahin kehta’. I am posting this song to show that Naushad was not dead wood after 1968.
7. ‘Bheegi hui is raat ka aanchal kehta hai lahra ke’ by Asha from Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare

155 D P Rangan August 26, 2016 at 4:54 am

Any blog of this nature is bound to get diluted and ultimately you may stand in danger of forgetting what was the theme with which you started. After you choose your final list of songs, send it to me and I will codify it as I have done for a blog. I can visualise Bhatiaji, Venkataramanji and others of their elk, burning midnight candle and pour through pages of Harminderji’s magnum opus to ferret out more songs. My main pursuit is serious photography, and I will feel like a fish out of water in this field. Others have done the back breaking hard work and I enjoy fruits of wonderful songs to listen to. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

156 Dinesh K Jain August 26, 2016 at 11:03 am

@ 134 & 137

AK, and all other SoY veterans and connoisseurs,

I do not at all wish to be anything like a spoilsport for anyone, but all along so far I thought, and was much encouraged, that the whole idea here is quality – rather than quantity. Frankly, I completely fail to see the point of cataloguing all songs which have the word ‘kahna’ and any of its myriad variants, even in the Olympics spirit.

Moreover, just having the word kahna in any variant does not mean that it necessarily has any specific significance; in most cases it would not.

All our friends who are far more knowledgeable than me, with due respect, may I appeal to you to please rather focus on good quality songs on the theme “Kuchh to log kahenge” which may have been missed out by AK…

157 Nasreen August 26, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Hans-ji (147)

Sir, I apologise if you thought I was referrring to your list when I mentioned the race to YouTube. I was here a long time ago, I think almost when SoY started (AK, if you read this, pls correct me if I am wrong) – and my memory of it is at best dim, but I do remember that you were considered a stalwart with your posts. I mentioned YouTube and the Internet because that is what I would have had to do myself had I wanted to keep up with your and the others’ long lists. I know that I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about music as others here. That is a fact because I have no training at all in music unlike many of you here, neither do I know so many songs, nor do I have as good a memory. I hope you don’t doubt my respect for every one of you. In fact, I have been away and even now don’t really feel part of the “team”. But enjoy the general intellectuality and high calibre of this site’s members, and have to admit that sometimes it goes over my head because I am not up to it all.
But enough of this 🙂

Here is a song I was just humming while cooking. And realised it has the word “kahoon” in the second line. Not sure if it qualifies but am adding it here:

Zulmi sang aankh ladi …….

And when I went to YouTube to get the link, I found this one:

Dil tadap tadap ke KEH raha….


These may well be duplicates.

158 N Venkataraman August 26, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Thanks for the moral boosting additions.

Akji’ invitation for some out of the box comments (#9), prompted me to look for some vintage songs and I posted them. Further spurred by Jignesh (#74), I jumped into action, which was rather impulsive.
I decided to take the plunge into the sea rather than a pool or a pond or a river, in the hope that I may find a few pearls, before I guzzle a lot of salt water and eventually drown in the process. But that would fetch me, posthumously, a Khenathron Ratna award.

Desperately trying to break the surface,

This is from the unreleased film. The song was recorded most probably in 1960
62. Kaho ji tumhen kiss se pyar hai by Mohd Rafi & Asha Bhonsle, Pyar Bana Afsana (unreleased/1960), lyrics Aziz Qaise, music Iqbal Qureshi

63. Zaraa Suno Suno Kyaa Kahen Nigaahen by Lata Mangeshkar, film Sangeeta (1950), lyrics Pyarelal Santoshi, music C Ramchandra

64. Maati Kahe Kumbhar Se Tu Kya Raunde Mohe Ek Din Aisa Aayega by Shankar Dasgupta, film Adhikar (1954), lyrics traditional/Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, music Avinash Vyas

65. Log Kahe Mere Nain Banwre by Lata Mangeshkar, film Chandan (1958), lyrics Rajinder Krishan, music Madan Mohan

66. Ye Kahe Chandni Raat, Suna Do Apne Dil Ki Baat by Lata Mangeshkar, film Nirmohi (1952), lyrics P N Rangeen, music Madan Mohan

67. Kehta Tha Zamana, Magar Humne Na Maana by Asha Bhosle and Md.Rafi, Film Aag ka Dariya (1953) lyrics Aziz Kashmiri, music Vinod

68. Mere Pardesi Mehman Kaha Mera Maan by Md.Rafi & Shamshad Begum, film Andheri Nagari Chaupat Raja (1955), lyrics Bharat Vyas, music Avinash Vyas

159 N Venkataraman August 26, 2016 at 7:05 pm

Thanks for all those nice comments. I am not sure about the qualities, kindly ascribed to me. I am happy that you too could find some likable songs from the accumulation. Thanks for the additions too. BTW the MD of the song no.19 was Husnlal-Bhagatram and not Hansraj Bahl.

As of now, my number stands at 68 minus 3. I do not know how much that translates into points.
You are doing an excellent job in your new avatar. You too should get an award for this selfless service.
Thanks a lot

Thank you for your considerate comments.
True, Harminderji’s HFGK is indeed a good reference point. But in this case I did not scan through the pages of HFGK. There are other means, less arduous.

160 AK August 26, 2016 at 7:08 pm

I read all comments even if I may appear to be silent at times. Everyone has his own way of expressing his views. Most often trivial matters might cause misunderstanding. I think it is best to ignore and move on.

You have raised a good point, which I had stated in my post too. But I didn’t want to dampen the enthusiasm of the readers. We did come across some great hidden gems in the process.

161 N Venkataraman August 26, 2016 at 7:09 pm

I find my comment no. 158 is awaiting moderation, while my next comment has gone through smoothly. That is strange.

162 Nasreen A August 26, 2016 at 7:31 pm

AK (160)
Thanks for the advice.

Moving on to another song I thought of:


Kaho na pyaar hai.

163 Hans August 26, 2016 at 11:08 pm

There is no need for an apology. I was only trying to clarify my as well as some other posters whom I have personally met in view of your comment 113. But I never take a grudge against anyone. I have already had a few spats with AK and we have very sweet relations. Regarding your point on memory, I would say that memory is a relative term. I have a rural background and I have seen many illiterates remember hundreds of kisse, kahaniyana, chutkule and other anecdotes. My mother remembered hundreds of haryanvi folk songs by heart and could sing any song on demand at 5 seconds notice, though she never went to school. Everyone has his/her field of mastery. The advent of mobiles have divested us of the capacity to remember phone nos and calculators have spoiled the calculating power of the whole of present generation, though they cannot be said to be less intelligent. Regarding song memory, you would acquire it with time. It is a good habit to listen and sing while cooking or doing other household chores. You can keep a small note book and pencil for noting down the songs for posting. I have read many of your comments and found them intelligent.

Regarding the Madhumati songs. I have scored them out from my list. Madhumati is one of my most favourite films which me and my family watch 2 or 3 times each year because of its music and the charming village girl look of Vyajyanti and also for the superb acting by Pran, Dilip, Johny Walker and Jayant.

164 ksbhatia August 26, 2016 at 11:14 pm

Hans’ji ;

I am really enjoying your pole vault game . The number of songs you have posted in a short period of time is really amazing . Over and above the quality of songs is also truly superb .

This goes to my friend Venkatraman ji also . His posting of vintage songs is a listener’s delight .

I am waiting for other gem of a person Arvinder Sharma ji …..He is an excellent in the long Jump game . He must be collecting songs and surprise us with a good leap.

To take this musical olympiad further ; and also encouraging all to post the songs ; I am continuing my thread of songs from #146 .

51.Dil ka haal sune dilwala…..Manna Dey….SJ…Shri 420


52.Aaj koi pyar se…..Asha…OPN….Sawan ki ghata


53.Suno suno miss chatterji…..Rafi…OPN…Baharen phir bhi ayengi


54Maine kahan tha aane ko…..Rafi, Asha…..Ravi…Ustaadoan ke ustad


55.Jab se tumhe dekha hai….Rafi Asha….Ravi ……Gharana


56.Mere dil mein hai ek baat….Lata, Manna Dey…KA….Post Box 999


57.Kehdo ji kehdo…..Lata, Manna Dey……SJ….Kismat ka khel


58.Mr. John yeh baba…..Asha…..CR….Baarish


59.Sach bata tu ……Asha, Talat….OPN….Sone ki chidiya


60.Sunri sakhi mohe sajna bulaiye…..Lata…HemantKumar…Nagin


….to be contd. …..

165 Hans August 26, 2016 at 11:28 pm

This is a message in lighter vein to those who are raising murmurs on the songs being posted. You should not grudge some limelight to the song posters who work hard for whole year. Come on, they are being offered some imaginary medals and not the real ones and that too after 6 years. I would remind them of the song ‘pal bhar ke liye koi hamen pyar kar le jhootha hi sahi’ from Johny Mera Naam and ask them to consider this
‘Pal bhar ke liye koi hamen maan de de jhootha hi sahi’.

For you I have a special message. You were urging Bhatiaji on in your Chand blog and asking him to race to 200 songs when he was posting at break neck speed. Even Dinesh did not worry about quality in that blog. Why you have changed your stand now. Are you afraid that these kehna songs may cross the number posted in your blog. If that is so, rest assured I will post more chand songs there because I have a very long list with me.
Disclaimer: Dont take it seriously except the fact that I have a long list of chand songs with me.

Quality is a subjective term. What may be quality for others may not be so for you. The song posters are all experienced and know what they are posting. We have shown our quality for views and comments of others. We are ready for your list of quality songs. You can make use of the already posted songs if you do not find others. We would request Jignesh to change the rules and provide the medals as per the number of songs of the posters getting a place in your list. Kindly post a list of at least 20 quality songs.

166 Hans August 26, 2016 at 11:48 pm

Now some songs (hum nahin sudhrenge)

1. Ye maati sabhi ki kahani kahegi – mahendra – navrang
2. Tere husn ki kya tareef karoon kuchh kehte hue bhi darta hoon – rafi – leader
3. Dil to rajamand hai phir bhi zuban band hai, kaise kahun mujhko mera baalma pasand hai – asha – mai baap (music by the great OPN). This song has another sad version also.
4. Hujure wala jo ho ijajat to hum ye sare jahan se kah den – asha – ye raat phir na aayegi
5. Raat akeli hai bujh gaye diye, aake mere paas kaanon men mere jo bhi chahe kahiye – asha – jewel thief

167 Jignesh Kotadia August 27, 2016 at 12:12 am

well said. Quality is a subjective matter. I dont see any quality disturbance in this post because the songs posted by our legends here are mostly from golden era…an era which is synonym of Quality. Each and every piece produced by this era has quality, whichever you pick, even blindly. From well known to even completely unknown Composers have created high quality songs.

thanks for your sportsmanship that u yourself have pointed out your repeats.
it’s not 5, you have repeated 6 times.

168 Hans August 27, 2016 at 12:19 am

and more
1. Jab tum hi nahin apne duniya hi begani hai ulfat jise kahte hain ik jhooti kahani hai – suraiyya – parwana
2. hum dum mere maan bhi jao kehna mere – rafi – mere sanam
3. ashiq hoon ik mahjabin ka, log kahen mujhe – rafi – pagla kahin ka
4. dilbar dilbar kahte kahte hua dewana – rafi – haseena maan jayegi
5. aji aisi nazar ko kya kahiye – rafi – johar mehmood in goa

169 Jignesh Kotadia August 27, 2016 at 12:23 am

you people now really deserve Medals (though jhoothe hi sahi) for your incessant inputs in this forum, for your non stop and burning passion for our supermelodious music.

170 Hans August 27, 2016 at 12:25 am

Thanks for you kind comments. You are right all the songs posted here are excellent. So I missed one even in the recheck.

171 ksbhatia August 27, 2016 at 12:29 am

Hans ji;
Some time I too feels that songs needs to be identified like …..stocked…..for all the songs contributed and as…..stacked…..for the quality songs packed separately for easy retrival .

For example here are two songs by Rafi with same initial lyrics. I am sure one can easily identify the box in which they should find their place.

61. Kehke bhi na aye tum….Rafi…CR…Safar[1946]


62. Kehke bhi na aye ….Rafi….Private


Now this is really a very high quality song for its composition matching the lyrics so also selection of instruments as well its beats and rhythm .

Further …a few more songs…

63. Kuch aisi pyari shakl mere dil ruba ki hai….Rafi…MM…Naya Kanoon


…..to be contd. …..

172 Hans August 27, 2016 at 12:37 am

More songs
1. tu husn hai main ishq hoon tu mujhmen hai main tujhmen hoon, main isse aage kya kahun – mahendra, asha – hamraaj
2. nazar ka jhuk jana – geeta – passport
3. chori chori jo tumse mili to log kya kahenge – lata, mukesh – parasmani
4. chupke se naja o man ke raja – asha – aag ka dariya
5. na milte hum to kaho tum – mukesh, lata – opera house

173 Hans August 27, 2016 at 12:42 am

You are right and thanks for so many great songs. I dont find any song of lesser quality in either your list or the the other lists. This may be due to the fact that our likes are somewhat similar.

174 mumbaikar8 August 27, 2016 at 12:43 am

Welcome back.
Now you have arrived in real sense

I have a request.
Along with a medal ksbhatiaji deserves a torch bearer award too!

175 Jignesh Kotadia August 27, 2016 at 1:23 am

you are right. I will ask to the third umpire for this.

176 D P Rangan August 27, 2016 at 4:35 am

I was in agreement with AK and hence posted the comment. I posted just one song and AK was kind enough to point out its irrelevance with the subject. With my poor diction, I decided to keep mum and enjoy the songs. I know that the saying out of sight out of mind applies to blogs. The latest will be latched on and pursued by our experts. I have already forgotten about the blogs I wrote. You are welcome to post songs on chand or sitare or others and I would welcome it.

I beg to disagree with you. Every song of the golden period is great is a sweeping statement. Some of the songs in those days were below average. I can agree that a greater number of songs in those days were good to be heard again and again and modern songs follow it in reverse order. Now and then some good songs are composed nowadays but they resemble old songs to a great extent. I can picturise you in judicial gowns presiding over this court and frequently striking the gavel to discipline the contestants.

177 mumbaikar8 August 27, 2016 at 6:56 am

One song with anecdote mentioned by Sanjeev Kohli ( Madan Mohan’s) son.
Laxmikant Pyarelal arrived at a restaurant where Madan Mohan was sitting with his family.
They could not see him. MM asked the waiter to go to LP and ask them for autograph for MM,
When waiter told them that MM was asking for their autograph they came to greet him at his table and said साहेब क्यूँ शर्मिंदा कर रहे हो to which he replied “ये दिल कहीं लगता नहीं” क्या गाना बनाया है काश यह मेरा होता
Tum hi kahdo ay jane wafa hum kya karen Film Izzat Lata Rafi

178 N Venkataraman August 27, 2016 at 8:22 am

some more ……..

69. Hum Kisi Se Na Kahenge Chup Chup Se rahenge by Shamshad Begum & Geeta Dutt, film Yahudi Ki Ladki (1957), lyrics Hairat Sitapuri, music Hemant Kumar

70. Kuch Tum Jo Kaho Humse by Asha Bhosle, film Thokar (1953), lyrics Harsh Tandon, music Sardar Malik

Listening to this song for the first time
71. Dil Ki Batain Dil Mein Hi Rakhna, Kabhi Kisi Se Kehna Na by Hemant Kumar, film Taj aur Talwar (1956), lyrics Satya Rai, music Sudipt

72. Kabhi To Han Han Han Kaho Na, Na Meri Jaan by Md.Rafi & Geeta Dutt, film Son of Sindbad (1958), lyrics prem Dhawan, music Chitragupt

73. Kehti hoon har baar yahi tujh se mera pyaar ji dildaar by Shamshad Begum, film Taajposhi (1957), lyrics Tanveer Naqvi, music Bipin-Babul
Radio Ceylon 25-04-2016-Monday Morning- Purani Filmon Ka Sangeet , Song No.6 (17:45)

74. Jal Jal Ke Maru Kuch Kah Na Sakau by Mubarak Begum, film Sheesha (1952), lyrics Shakeel Badayuni, music Ghulam Mohammad

A nice melody
75. Hum Dil Ki Kahani Kya Kahte by Lata Mangeshkar, film Shaadi Ki Raat (1950), lyrics Sarshar Sailani, music Govindram

76. Kaho Bhabhi Meri Kab Aayegi by Lata Mangeshkar, film Shaadi Ki Raat (1950), lyrics Nazim Panipati, music Govindram

77. Kah Do Koi Taqdeer Ke Dhoke by Asha Bhosle, film Sati Pariksha (1957), lyrics nazim Kanpuri, music Sanmukh Baba

78. Kehta Hai Pyar Mera O Mere Laadle by Lata Mangeshkar, film Santan (1959), lyrics Hasrat Jaipuri, music Dattaram Wadkar

79. Mai Tujhko Agar Ek Phul Kahu by Talat Mahmood , film Salaam-e-Mohabbat (1955), lyrics Anjum Jaipuri, music Bipin-Babul

80. Kah Do Hame Na Bekarar Kare by Surinder Kaur & Md.Rafi, film Sabak (1950), lyrics D N Madhok, music Allarakah Qureshi

81. Mat Kahiyo Sajan Hum Jate Hai by Lata Mangeshkar, film Rasiya (1954/not released), lyrics D N Madhok, music Bulo C Rani

The Hindi version of the Bengali song Tumi Je Amaar from the film Harano Sur (1957)
82. Chale hum kahaa kaho chale hum kahaa by Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar, film Police (1958), lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri, music Hemant Kumar

83. Dil Dil Se Keh Raha Hai. by Talat Mahmood & Lata Mangeshkar, film Parchhayian (1952), lyrics Noor Lakhnavi, music C Ramchandra

84. Kaun Kahe Unse Jaa Ke Huzur by Asha Bhosle, film Paapi (1953), lyrics Sarshar Sailani, music S Mohinder

85. Kahta Hai Yeh Dil Chal Unase Mil by Premlata, film Naghma (1953), lyrics Nakhshab Jaaravchi, music Nashad

A great melody… 1953, song discussed earlier in this blog
86. Jag Kahta Hai Mai Hu Andhi by Lata Mangeshkar, film Naina (1953), lyrics Pyarelal Santoshi, music Ghulam Mohammad or Manna Dey (?)

A nice Asha Bhosle song
87. Kaha Karti Hai Duniya Mera Nanha Chand Jaisa Hai by Asha Bhosle, film Mohini (1957), lyrics raja Mehdi Ali Khan, music N Datta

88. Kaho Meri Sarkar Tabiyat Kaisi Hai by Md.Rafi & Asha Bhosle, film Trunk Call (1960), lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi, music Ravi

89. Socho Ji Socho Ji Zamana Kya Kahta Hai by Mohammed Rafi & Asha Bhosle, film Zamana badal gaya (1961), lyrics Aziz Kaisi, music Iqbal Qureshi

90. Chunnu Patang Ko Kehta Kite by Sudha Malhotra & Asha Bhosle, film Zameen Ke Taare, lyrics Anand Bakshi, music S Mohinder

91. Chalte Chalte Mere Yeh Geet Yad Rakhna by Kishore Kumar, film Chalte Chalte (1976), lyrics Amit Khanna, music Bappi Lahiri

179 Jignesh Kotadia August 27, 2016 at 8:35 am

plz dont take my opinion about golden era literally, just catch the essence of my statement

180 Shalan Lal August 27, 2016 at 3:13 pm

To All who are running breathless in finding songs on the “Kahana” theme and all those who are silent and not saying anything.

I think what has happened with this post is a wonderful thing. Perhaps those who are about to win or come near the winning post do not know that they are playing a “Musical Game”!

Something like the “Antyakshari”

But it is the American and Englsih speaking world a Musical game they are playing.

In American and English Speaking world, the musical game like “Antyakshari” cannot be played due to the abscence of the last letter in the word not being sounded or clearly identified.

But they play as AK has set up the song should have “Kahana” anywhere in the song,

So now it it is wonderful that and international participants can play this game and thanks to the internet and SoY post and powerful “Khajanichi”s of filmy and other popular songs, we can enjoy this. Thanks to AK as well for creating a post out of “Smriti Iranis” moaning irruption into “Kuchh Log To Kahnege”. I hope the Right Honourable Minister is reading this post. She certainly will get some joy out of this.

As I am enjoying the immense benefits from this “Gana Khajana” opened to me I am very grateful to all who have presented the songs.

Some body should eventually prepare a “Kosh” of these songs.

And I suggest from time to time we should have different subjects to explore the songs for this musical game.

This present situation has clearly presented that we all should be proud about this great heritage we are looting without much labour.

I am really oblgied to all these masters of songs. They all should be called “Hindi Songsters of the year”.

Thanks again

Shala La

181 AK August 27, 2016 at 6:22 pm

Thanks a lot for your generous words. I believe everyone got into a competitive spirit, and had huge fun posting songs. Jignesh added to the fun by framing Rules of Contest. I remember one of the Rules was that the official competition would come to an end when a new post comes up. Since a new post on Mukesh’s vintage duets is up, I believe Jignesh would announce the medal winners.

182 Hans August 27, 2016 at 11:37 pm

Kindly dont consider my name for medals. The original posters deserve the medals. I had principally entered to post some very popular and well known songs which have been missed by my dear friends. I have still many songs with me which I will post here in due course, because I found this topic very interesting. If I had any intention of going for the medal, then I would have posted them in bulk. But, it would have been wrong to rob the original posters. Also, I was almost inactive within the last six months, while the others were regular. So they deserve this.

I have another proposal. Bhatiaji may be awarded the Life Time Achievement Award. Mumbaikar8 has also proposed something similar. Mumbaikar8 has perhaps made the most number of discoveries in this blog, though she is perhaps a little busy these days and is coming up with lesser number of songs. Some award should be given to her and nomenclature can be decided by AK. There is another proposal that a separate post be written for this so that fellow readers like us can felicitate them.

183 Hans August 27, 2016 at 11:49 pm

Now some songs by Rafi
1. jab ladka keh de haan – anjam
2. meri mohabbat jawan rahegi – janwar
3. phool sa chehra chand si rangat – raat aur din
4. dil kahe rukja re rukja – man ki ankhen
5. baat itni si hai kehdo – humrahi
6. dharti kahe pukar ke – dharti kahe pukar ke

184 Hans August 28, 2016 at 12:20 am

more Rafi
Two kehna songs from Aao Pyar Karen
Ye jhuki-3 nigahen teri dil ka raaj kah gayi. Its picturisation is unique Joy Mukherjee sings the song to Macmohan (sambha of Sholay fame).
Jinke liye main deewana bana wohi kahte hain deewana mujhe
3. haseen wadiyo fijaon se kah do – lal bangla
4. bhoola hua fasana humko na tha sunana – sau saal baad
5. chale ho kahan kaho – reporter raju
6. meri morni sach kehta hoon – night in calcutta

185 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 12:59 am

The great Kehnathlon competition has been concluded today at 9.00 a.m. IST and i know u all are waiting eagerly for the results. Hence, i am going to disclose the winners of this exciting contest.
Both Male and Female events became highly thrilling towards the end !!

186 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 12:59 am

so here we go……Dil Thaam Ke

the MALE Singles results


Fought very hard but not enough according to his capacity.
posted many song post-71 that cost him pointwise.
with 193 points he is awarded a



scored 240 points …showed some laziness in the middle of this game and lost the Gold place, at one stage he was leading the race !

wins the BRONZE



scored 425 points…repeated many times…He was believed to be an obvious winner in this game..and he was deserving too..but other mighty competitors have turned the table in last few laps and Bhatiaji remained at third place.

wins the SILVER


In the beginning of this tournament this man was not even a contender of Silver. He had a dream to win at least a Bronze..but after the halfway mark of this tournament’s run he changed his gear and came in front from trailing at last with some big leaps..and against everyone’s expectations he won the GOLD with the score of 811.

wins the GOLD


what to tell abt this man ? He is not from our planet !
He entered in this race after the halfway mark when Bhatiaji and Sharmaji were leading. With a single Giant leap he was ahead of everyone !!! A RAJINIKANTH FEAT. His entry in this race was so horrific and brutal in this game that the women running in nearby track were literally shocked, frightened and stopped to run !!! Referees made them calm and convinced them that he is not harmful to them..only after this assurance women started run again. SoY committee has decided to made a special medal for his stunning performance that values more then the gold.

scored 856


187 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 1:00 am

the FEMALE Singles results

two dynamic ladies ran neck to neck until the end
but Nasreen missed the gold by only 6 points !!


wins the GOLD with 98 points


wins the SILVER with 92 points

BRONZE is cancelled by committee bcz any other runner
could not fulfil the requirement of a minimum 50 points to win a medal.

188 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 1:01 am

I am very happy to declare the winners. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners……

189 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 1:12 am

I am also thankful to the third umpire Mr. AK that he gave me an opportunity to judge a higher level tournament.

190 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 1:20 am

i have listened you.
i have set you at such a place that our regular giants may not deprive from what they deserve.

i am not up to that level to give someone a life time award. It is AKji’s task.

191 mumbaikar8 August 28, 2016 at 3:29 am

193 points a CUPRUM
and 98 points a gold.
बहुत ना इंसाफी है.

192 Jignesh Kotadia August 28, 2016 at 6:06 am

isnt there NaaInsaafi where women just 3 sets and men have to fight for 5 !

193 Nasreen August 28, 2016 at 8:06 pm

Good to see that The Great Race concluded with such amazing results.
Congratulations to all the participants. I can hardly believe that I am there too among the winners, but that may be only because Ms. Shalan was not actively running. If there is a next SoY Olympics, Shalan you must join the female forces.
Re na-insaafi, Mumbaikar8, I think we have to concede that we are a bit privileged in that despite the difference in points between us and the men, we still had a gold and silver. I mean, Bhatiaji’s silver was for 425 points while my score was only 92 and I still got a silver!

All’s well that ends well, anyway. (But CUPRUM did come as a surprise, totally unexpected 🙂

194 N Venkataraman August 28, 2016 at 11:29 pm

I thought Akji or somebody on his behalf would give the vote of thanks, marking the close of Kehnathlon 2016.

I hope nobody will mind, if I take the onus on myself.

At the outset I would like to thank all the participants, Chair Judge and Chief Adjudicator for the smooth conduct of the Kehnathlon 2016. I would also like to thank all the members of the SoY fraternity for the encouragement, advice etc. received during the course of the event.

Hansji’s Platinum medal is equivalent to Dronacharya Award. He urged everybody to be in the race. He suddenly burst into the scene with a huge contribution. Every time I was in the process of catching up, he would post in installments of 5s or 7s, a moving goal post. In reality he was motivating everybody, with his song-postings and encouraging comments, to participate and not to leave the field, especially when the going was getting a bit rough. A Guru in the real sense. JIGNESH HAS RIGHTLY COMMENTED YOU ARE OUT OF THIS PLANET. Hats off to you Hansji.

Bhatiaji and Arvinderji ke bareme kya KAHUN. Both of them are PROVEN Ustads. We have enough proof of their knack and ability in earlier blogs. If Arvinderji can be considered among Ustads, Bhatiaji is Ustadon ka Ustad. They eventually slackened their pace. Thank you Bhatiaji and Arvinderji for your gesture.

Siddharthji, Mumbaikarji and Nasreenji thanks for being with us.

All things considered we are all winners. There are no losers here. Jignesh has something for everyone.

We all owe Jignesh a big thanks for doing an unrewarding job. He impressed us with his sense of commitment and sporting-spirit. When Akji asked him to take up the roll of Umpire, he could have just taken it lightly and declared everybody winners. Instead he took up the matter seriously and did a great work. This shows his character and I am sure this trait will be reflected in every aspect of his life. Being the youngest member of the SoY family (I presume), on behalf of everybody please accept our love, affection and blessings.

Thank you Akji for relaxing the basic criteria, and for pampering us to turn the post, “Kuchh to log kahenge”, into what it was not meant to be. Probably I was the main culprit to dilute the theme. Sorry for that. Yet you stood steadfast with us, in spite some murmurs of disapproval, (understandably). I do appreciate their concern.

With this vote of thanks on behalf of everybody, the curtain falls. I take the onus on me to declare the Kehnathlon 2016 closed. We will have a similar ????thlon after four years.

Thank you once again.

Sare Jahan se Achha SoY hamara
Hum bulbulain hai iss ki yeh gulsitan hamara
Sare jahan se accha

195 ksbhatia August 28, 2016 at 11:38 pm

AK ‘ji ; Jignesh ‘ji ;

It has been a wonderful experience for me to be a part of this musical journey which got activated more ….matching the olympic games. Well we did not win many medals in olympics ; but here they were showered every where…. again well judged and well distributed ….citing the scores ….for which thanks goes to Jignesh ji for his well balanced observations.

My congratulation goes to all the winners and participants in this musical game .

Here I would like to propose a Toast for AK ji for his unending efforts, dedication and his inbuilt capacity to bring out the very best in post after post . I hope there are many more in his cupboard that are knocking the doors . I truly hope that every one will remain as active as they have been for the last so many years . I wish the supporting roles of Guest contributers will continue as well. . The last few guest articles by D P Rangan ji and Ms. Shalan Lal were not only entertaining but very informative as well. Thanks to them also.

A Song for AK ji…..

He is a jolly good fellow…..


[ One may listen to this tiny little song from Awara that starts 3.00 min before the main song……Ek bewafa se pyar hua . This song is fav. among the Army and is usually sung on Graduation Day. This tune was also played in the old Hollywood film ….The bridge on the river kawai.]

196 Siddharth August 30, 2016 at 10:02 am

Jignesh, AKji
Thanks for running this competition.It was a pleasure to participate with such stalwarts. My feeling is just like Deepa Karmakar , happy finishing in top 5 …having tried everything even Prodanova 🙂
Congrats to all the winners and especially Venkatramanji for his truely amazing run.

197 Hans August 31, 2016 at 12:28 am

Sorry I am late again as I was busy. You have don a marvellous job. Though the official statistician of SOY is Venkataramanji, you handled the statistics in this matter efficiently. Your presentation was also very interesting. And alongwith Venkataramanji’s thanksgiving post it gave an impression as if there was a felicitation function going on. In most of the cases such job you handled are thought to be thankless jobs, but you have received thanks officially from Venkataramanji. I also thank you for this as well as your act of ‘chadhaing me on chane ka jhaad’. Looking at your talent, perhaps AK would think it proper to assign you such or similar jobs.

Regarding your comment to Mumbaikar8 on 3 sets vs 5 sets, I would say this is only half truth. Men play best of five sets only in the 4 grand slams, otherwise they are also playing best of 3 sets. During the year ATP and WTA hold separate tournaments and only a few tournaments are played by both. What is negative against women is that they dont demand money from WTA on the same scale as ATP for WTA tournaments. They demand equal money only from grand slams.

198 Hans August 31, 2016 at 12:41 am

Thanks for the nice words. So far as song posting was concerned, I had no plan about the numbers. I went slowly because I felt a little bit shy after posting such a huge list. Regarding the comments to fellow posters, I saw that your request to bear with us for some time fell to deaf ears, so I thought it proper to say something and as AK says I say things differently, that was exactly what I did. I enjoyed the songs of all who posted. Since your taste differs from me, I particularly listen to songs posted by you and enjoyed them. Only the last set is yet to be listened. As per my observation, Bhatiaji, Mumbaikar8 and Sharmaji have a taste similar to me with Sharmaji having a little bit of your taste too.

I had proposed to Dinesh to post a list. Though he did not do that, but I made a list from the songs posted by others and I find the list contains songs from almost all of those who posted including Siddharth, Rakesh Srivastava, Mumbaikar8, Nasreen, Vaishnavji, Sameer, SSW, and naturally all three of you.

199 Hans August 31, 2016 at 1:01 am

Now some songs all duets with another kind of competition between the pairs of Rafi-Asha and Lata-Hemant.
1. dekho wo chand chhupkar karta hai kya – shart – lata, hemant
2. itna to kahdo humse – saheli – lata, hemant
3. ek baar zara phir kah do – bin badal barsaat – lata, hemant
4. dhalti jaye raat kahle dil ki baat – razia sultan (1961) – rafi, asha
5. ye rang bhare badal – tu nahin aur sahi – rafi, asha
6. humse na poochho hum kahan chale – china town – rafi, asha

200 Hans August 31, 2016 at 1:13 am

Now another competition between Lata and Asha solos.
1. ankhon se jo bhi aansoo bahega – sagai – lata
2. hazaar baaten kahe zamana – ghatna – lata
3. maine kab tumse kaha tha – ram aur shyam – lata
4. chehre pe khushi chha jati hai – waqt – asha
5. aaj koi pyar se dil ki baaten kah gaya – sawan ki ghata – asha
6. muhabbat cheej hai kya – ye raat phir na aayegi – asha

201 N Venkataraman September 1, 2016 at 2:51 pm

I agree with you that each of us have different tastes and views / opinions as well, but respecting each other’s’ opinions is important. Thanks once again for the considerate words and support. I am glad that you enjoyed the songs posted by me.

Enjoyed listening to the songs posted by you. It was a pleasure listening to the songs, Hazaar baaten kahe zamana, Dhalti jaye Raat, again.

Incidentally, the songs Ek baar zara phir kah do, Itna to kahdo humse and Aaj koi pyar se dil ki baaten kah gaya were posted earlier by Bhatiaji.

As regards the song,Humse na poochho hum kahan chale, can we consider it as a kahna” (or its variants) song?

202 Jignesh Kotadia September 1, 2016 at 6:17 pm

Thanks to all the legendary SoY persons for showering love, blessings and Hausla Afzaaii open-handedly over me.

203 ksbhatia September 1, 2016 at 11:10 pm

Venkatraman ji @201 ;

Posting same songs by Hans ji and myself is bound to happen as we enjoy the same taste….. including Chat Papri and Gole gappe . [ we used to eat four items from our daily pocket money of Do Aanne during school days in mid 50s ] .

204 mumbaikar8 September 2, 2016 at 4:04 am

I am surprised how this song was missed ( by me). My favourite movie as well as song.
Perfect for this subject.
Better late than never.
Satyakam Abhi kya Sunoge

205 AK September 2, 2016 at 5:32 am

Abhi kya sunoge is a beautiful song, but “kahna” comes very marginally.

206 Hans September 3, 2016 at 12:37 am

Thanks for your comment. ‘Humse na poochho hum kahan chale’ was a mistake. I was intending to post ‘is dharti is khule gagan ka kya kahna’ from ‘Ganga Tera Pani Amrit’ as the third Rafi-Asha duet, but suddenly this song came into mind and I posted it without listening the mukhda. The other songs I just posted for the comparison between the two pairs.

Regarding listening to other’s songs, what you said is right. I think that this practice of listening to the other’s taste broadens your spectrum. Due to this I listen to your songs very intently. And I know you and the others use self-filter to select only good quality songs. That was what I said to objectors. I myself sidelined 40-50 songs just because of this. If all of us had posted whatever came our way, perhaps there would have been 100 plus songs more than the number posted on the blog.

Hazaar baten kahe zamana is my absolute favourite and I would have watched the film only for this song, but the film never reached small towns. The lyrics of this song are also by Ravi. Whatever I am doing, a long playlist is playing (in random mode) on my computer and on the day I posted it, this song started and I immediately noted it down.

207 Hans September 3, 2016 at 12:46 am

I would advise you to tone up your spine by regular exercise and dont listen much to the doctor unless you cannot move absolutely. They give more doses because they are not sure of either the medicine or its dose and their instructions are always strictly restrictive. Spinal problems can be controlled by exercise. And continue to post songs.

208 Jignesh Kotadia September 3, 2016 at 8:57 am

a small correction
Dil Hi To Hai perhaps belongs to 1963.

209 Jignesh Kotadia September 3, 2016 at 9:04 am

Hansji, Venkataramanji
you missed this one from your long list !

Main abhi gair hun mujhko abhi apna na Kaho
Haaye mar jayenge mit jayenge aisa na Kaho

210 D P Rangan September 3, 2016 at 8:46 pm

Full details
Mein aur Mera Bai (1961) – C Arjun, Jan Nisar Akhtar

main abhi gair hoon mujhko abhi apna na – Mukesh & Asha


211 ksbhatia September 3, 2016 at 10:34 pm

Hans ji ; Venkatraman ji ;
Thanks for your concern. My problem started about two years back when on a rainy day I slipped on a wet floor. The back ache started a month after that…. which led to numbness of my feet after ten minutes of walking ; which generally vanish when i sit for a minute. The diagnoses shows compression of nerves passing thru the narrow back bones . I am taking medicines and doing excercises besides physio treatment . I am leading a normal domestic life. Only the wet weather makes me a little uncomfortable . Sitting, standing and walking for longer period is advised to be avoided . Frequent change of posture is to be insured as well.

212 ksbhatia September 3, 2016 at 10:49 pm

AK ji ;
I was thinking of one song whose mukhda or even the stanzas don’t have the word… kahna or kaha…but it fits in the title of this theme . The song that I am refering to is the second part of the song……

Ajab hai daastan teri ae zindgi….[ …..jo maa beetoan pe uthate hai ungliyan….]…


213 ksbhatia September 3, 2016 at 10:52 pm

in continuation…..

Ajab hai daastan…….


214 AK September 4, 2016 at 5:33 am

KS Bhatiaji,
I started with “kahna” being the central focus of the song. I relaxed it to the word occurring in the first two lines of the song.

215 AK September 4, 2016 at 5:40 am

Thanks a lot for the correction. Since carried out.

216 AK September 6, 2016 at 3:54 pm

Dear Readers,
After the stalwarts have made their closing remarks, and Venkataramanji has declared the competition closed, it is not good form to say anything. But I have been mentioned generously by the readers, and it seems I am expected to say something, so here is my कहना.

I do not intend any post to be a –thalon. Jignesh converted this into one, with the readers bitten by the Olympic Fever playing along. If 1.25 billion people can go crazy over a silver and a bronze, it is no wonder that our enthusiastic readers competed intensely for Gold, and as it turned out also a Platinum medal. In this hysteria, the sober voice of Dinesh was drowned, but I would revert to that later.

Jignesh must have started in jest, but when he saw the game becoming serious, he donned the mantle of the Judge Jignesh. He judged the competition in all seriousness admirably. He has been rightly complimented by all, and I also join in conveying my congratulations and thanks to him.

I started with a condition that mere occurrence of the word “kahna” would not be enough; it has to be the central theme of the song. But faced with the avalanche, I removed the barricade. Therefore, the conditions of the contest would be deemed to be modified as stated above, and the result of the competition would not be vitiated on the ground that the songs do not meet the condition put forth in the post.

I have to add that the Fair Play Award to N Venkataraman stands as he was conscious of the rules and asked whether his songs met the criteria. And towards the end, he was the only one who was remorseful that the criteria had to be sacrificed at the altar of public frenzy.

I have been asked to name an award for Mumbaikar8 for discovering the most hidden gems for SoY. Finding a suitable name for an award or for anything is a highly professional job. As an amateur, may I suggest महारत्नशोधिका; or since we are in a sporting mood, खिलाड़ियों की खिलाड़ी; or “Malika-e-SoY”. We may authorise the Judge Jignesh to select a final name after hearing the views of the readers.

A point for the stalwarts’ consideration. Some games – such as bridge tournaments at high levels – require that teams make a full disclosure of their systems, special understandings etc, along with written defence of special bids, to each other well in advance. It would be desirable for a level playing field that the star players disclose if they have special search algorithms for Google or YouTube.

It has been suggested to compile the list of all the songs posted. Here I come back to Dinesh’s point. I take quality versus quantity point as implying whether the songs posted were complying with the theme, i.e. whether the “kahna” was the central focus of the song. Here is the list of theme-compliant songs according to me. The list is made reader-wise in alphabetical order of the name of the reader, and if a song has been mentioned by several readers, effort has been made to attribute it to the reader who posted it first. Yet in an exercise of this magnitude there are bound to be errors. Also, since this is a subjective decision, at the margin there would be errors of inclusion and exclusion. The readers are invited to make representations about any mistake. I would request the Judge Jignesh to take a final decision on all such representations.

It goes without saying that I profusely thank all the readers for their participation, and also those who were just spectators.

List of songs with “kahna” as the central theme

Arunkumar Dehsmukh
Ek baar kahun mere piya sun le agar tu – Asha Bhosle (Amar)
Arvinder Sharma
Mittar pyare nu, haal mureedan da kahna – (Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai)
Ek dil ne kaha ek dil ne suna – Rafi (Parda)
Jo kucch humein kahna hai ishharon se kahenge – (Sabzbagh)
Insaaf ka mandir hai (kahna hai jo kah de) – Rafi (Amar)
Yak ah do hum insaan nahi – (Chhaya)
Diwana kah ke aaj mujhe phir pukariye – Rafi (Mujrim)
Mujhe tum se mohabbat hai magar main kah nahi sakta – (Bachpan)
Phir ek baar kaho – Dwijen Mukherjee & Lata Mangeshkar (Maya)
Tumse kaise kahun – Rafi & Lata Mnageshkar (Naach Ghar)
Ye kah do tumhein umse kya chaahiye – Surendra Kohli & Asha Bhosle (Gul-e-Bakavali)
Ek baar agar tu kah de – Mukesh (Malhar)
Kahta hai mera dil – Mukesh & Asha BHosle (Kunwari)
Aapne chen liya dil ise kya kahte hain – Rafi & Meena Mangeshkar (Farmaish)
Hare k baat pe kahte ho kit u kya hai – KL Saigal (Ghalib ghazal)
Papiha re mere piya se kahiyo jay – Parul Ghosh (Kismet)
Kuchh kah na sake – Amirbai Karnataki (Shahnaz)
Ashok M Vaishnav
Humein haal-e-dil unse kahna hai kahiye – Talat Mahmod & Asha Bhosle (Chaubees Ghante)
Ashwin Bhandarkar
Palkon ke peechhe se tumne kya kah dala – (Talash)
Zara kah do fizaaon se – Talat Mahmood & Mubarak Begum (Gogola)
Yun hasraton ke dagh – Lata Mangeshkar (Adalat)
Ye duniyawale poochhenge – Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle (Mahal)
Sharm aati hai magar aaj ye kahna hoga – Lata Mangeshkar (Padosan)
Log kahte hain ki hum tumse kinara kar lein – Rafi (Bahu Begum)
Mere dil mein hai ek baat kah dun to – Manna Dey & Lata Mangeshkar (Post Box 999)
Tujhe suraj kahun ya chanda – Manna Dey (Ek Phool Do Mali)
Chup ho aaj kaho kya hai baat – Kishore Kumar (36 GHante)
Bura mat suno bura mat dekho bura mat kaho – Rafi (Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke)
Duniya mein nahin koi yaar..zamana sach kahta hai – Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar (Amber)
Meri jaan meri jaan na kaho – Geeta Dutt (Anubhav)
Badtameez kaho ya kaho jaanwar – Rafi (Badtameez)
Qaid mein hai bulbul..kaha bhi na jaye chup raha bhi na jaye – Lata Mangeshkar (Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane)
Pate ki baat kahega kahega jab bhi diwana – Mukesh (Diwana)
Maine aur kya kiya baalam yahi to kah diya – Mahendra Kapoor & Asha Bhosle (Daadi Ma)
Kahnewale sach kah gaye hain – Chitalkar & Rafi (Nirala)
Tu mere pyar ka phool hai..kah nahi sakti – Lata Mangeshkar (Dhool Ka Phool)
Jaane wafa jaane tamanna kahun – Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar (Dil Tera Diwana)
Kah gaye Father Ibrahim – Manna Dey (Izzat)
Hamar kaha mano Rajaji – Asha bHosle (Dulhan Ek Raat Ki)
Duniya ek kahani re bhaiya tumne kah di – Rafi (Afsana)
Kuchh kahein to khafa – Rafi (Ek Shrima Ek Shrimati)
Dil job hi kahega maanenge – Mukesh (Dil Hi To Hai)
Humein tumse mohabbat hai magar hum kah nahi sakate – Asha Bhosle (Aurat)
Jo ek baar kah do – Rafi (Pooja)
Kaise kahun ji ke bain – KL Saigal (Devdas)
Wo saadagi kahein ise diwanagi kahein – Rafi (Shama)
Dekho kasam dekho kasam se kahte hain tumse han – Rafi & Asha BHosle (Tumsa Nahi Dekho)
Chahe koi mhjhe junglee kahe – Rafi (Junglee)
Kaise kahun man ki baat jia ki sanwariye – Asha Bhsole (Gehra Daag)
Tu laage mora baalma ye kaise kahun mai – Geta Dutt and Usha Khanna (Hum Hindustani)
Tere husn ki kya taareef karun kya kahte hye bhi darta hun – Rafi (Leader)
Dil to razamand hai – Asha Bhosle phir bhi zuban band hai – Asha Bhosle (Maai Baap)
Huzurewala jo ho izajat to hum ye saare jahan se kah de – Asha Bhosle 9Ye Raat Phir Bhi Na Ayegi)
Chori chori jo tumse mile mile to log kya kahenge – Mukesh & Lata Mangeshkar (Parasmani)
Jab ladka kah de haan – (Anjaam)
Baat itni si hai kah do – (Humrahi)
Ye jhuki jhuki nigaahein tere dil ka raaz kah gayin – (Aao Pyar Karen)
Itna to kah do humse – Hemant Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar (Saheli)
Hazaar baatein kahe zamana – Lata Mangeshkar (Ghatna)
KS Bhatia
Kashti ka kahmosh safar hai – Kishore Kumar and Sudha Malhotra (Girl Friend)
Kuchh dil ne kaha..kuchh aisi bhi baatein hoti hain – Lata Mangeshkar (Anupama)
Jaane kya tune kahi – Geeta Dutt (Pyasa)
Kucch aur zamana kahta hai – Meena Kapoor (Chhoti Chhoti Baatein)
Mere piya se koi ja ke kah de – Lata Mangeshkar (Ashiyana)
Hum haal-e-dil sunayenege suniye kin a suniye – Mubarak Begum (Madhumati)
Maine kaha tumse humein pyar hai – Mukesh & Mukesh & Lata Mngeshkar (Ma Beta)
Kah do kah do jahan se ye kah do – Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur (April Fool)
Kuchh bi na kaha kah bi gaye – Noorjehan (Prem Kahani)
Ek baat kahun – Mukesh & Suman Kalyanpur (Shreeman Satyavadi)
Tumse kuchh kahna hai – Mukesh & Lata Mangeshkar (Guest House)
Ek baar zara tum kah do – Hemant Kumar & Lata Mageshkar (Bin Badal Barsat)
Na bole na bole na bole re – Lata Mangeshkar (Azaad)
Aaj koi pyar se dil ki baatein kah gaya – Asha Bhosle (Saawan Ki Ghata)
Ya dil ki suno duniyawalo – Hemant Kumar (Anupama)
Kahne ki nahi baat magar – (Pyar Kiye Ja)
Kahne ko bahut kuchh tha – CH Atma (NFS)
Kah do ji kah do – Manna Dey & Lata Mangeshkar (Kismet K Khel)
Nazare kuchh nahi kahte – Lata Mngeshkar (Madhr Milan)
Ae saba kahna mere dildaar ko – Rafi (Kabuliwala)
Abhi kya sunoge – Lat Mangeshkar (Satyakam)
Kah dun tumhe ya chup rahun – Kishore Kumar (Deewar)
Tumko paye – (Om Shanti Om)
Zara nazron se kah do ji – Hemant Kumar (Bees Saal Baad)
Dil mera kahne ko beqaraar hai – (Kaho Na Pyar Hai)
N Venkataraman
Kahta hai ye dil baar baar – Nalii Jaywant (Aadab Arz)
Unse hum kuchh kahte kahte rah gaye – Lata Mangeshkar (Dil Ki Basti)
Lo ji sun lo tumse kahte hain – Mukesh & Surinder Kaur (Sunehere Din)
Ab mujhe apni tasveer se kuchh kahna hai – (Khamosh Nigaahein)
Main kaise kah dun apne dil ki baatein – Rafi & Amribai Karnataki (Jeevan Sathi)
Kaise kah dun bajariya ke beech – Lata Mangeshkar (Ladli)
Man ki batiyan ka re bolun – Kanan Devi (Ma, 1936)
Ja ri sakhi sajan se kah de – Surendra & Maya Banerjee (Dynamite, 1939)
Maine kaha Babuji itana bataaoge – Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar (Chhti Bhabhi)
Suno buzurgo ye kahna – Ram Kamlani (Meena Bazar, 1950)
Dil unse kahte darta hai – Lata Mangeshkar & Geeta Dutt (Surajmukhi)
Kah kah do kali badari daraye na – Geeta Dutt & Surinder Kaur (Khamosh Sipahi)
Mujhse ye kah rahi hai – Rafi, Geeta Dutt & Shamsha Begum (Gauna)
Kaise kahun aise kahun – Lata Mangeshkar (Kaise Kahun)
Aise mein kachhu kaha nahi jaye – Asha Bhosle (Bambai Ka Babu)
Sharmilee nigahein kahati hain – Asha Bhosle (Society)
Dekho mose saachi kaho Banwari – Latra Mangeshkar (Madbhare Nain)
Kahne ko hain taiyar magar kaise kahein hunm – Surendra & Geeta Dutt (Kamal)
Bolo bolo ha bolo bolo re sajanva – Nirmala (Kanoon, 1943)
Main kaise kahun toote huye dil ki kahani – Amirbai Karnataki (Nargis, 1946)
Kuchh kah na sake kuchh kah bhi gaye – Amirbai Karnataki (Shahnaz ((1948)
Ai dil tere gamon ka main kahun kisse fasana – Rajkumari (Parda, 1949)
Hawa tu unse jakar kah de – Rafi & Shamshad Begum (Rimjhim, 1949)
Sach kahta hai Johnny Walker – Asha Bhosle (Aji Bas Shukriya)
Aankhon mein aankhein daal ke kya kahna chahte ho – Shamshad Begum (Toofan Aur Diya)
Bedardi nazarein mila ke kah de kya hai teri marzi – Lata Mangeshkar (Aji Bas Shukriya)
Ae saba unko kah do zara – Rafi & Shamshad Begum (Alibaba Aur 40 Chor)
Kaha hai unhone ye raaz-e-mohabbat qasam hai tumhein kisis se na kahna – Lata Mangeshkar (Anhonee)
Mere piya se koi ja ke kah de – Lata Mangeshkar (Ashiyana)
Kya kya kahun re Kanha – P Susheela (Piya Milan, 1958)
Kuch apni kahiye kuchh meri suniye – Firdausi Begum/Bahseer Ahmaed (Talaaash, Pakistani film 1963)
Ja kahiyo unse naseeme shahar – Mehdi Hasan (NFS)
Kaho ek baar mujhe tumse hai pyar – Talat Mahmood & Geeta Dutt (Shabistan)
Sajanva phir to kaho ek baar – Asha Bhosle (Raftar, 1955)
Ae ji O ji kaho ji – Rafi & Shamshad Begum (Chandi Puja, 1957)
Hum kisi se na kahenge chupp chup se rahenge – Shamshad Begum & Geeta Dut (Yahudi Ki Ladki)
Kuchh tum jo kaho humse – Asha Bhoisle (Thokar, 1953)
Dil ki baatein dil mein hi rakhna kabhi kisi se na kahna – Hemant Kumar (Taj Aur Talwar)
Kahti hun har baar yahi – tujhse mera payar ji – Shamshad Begum (Tajposhi)
Jal jal ke marun kuchh kah na sakun – Mubarak Begum (Sheesha)
Hum dil ki kahani kya kahte kuch kah bhi gaye kuchh kah na sake – Lata Mangeshkar (Shaadi Ki Raat)
Kaun kahe unse jake huzoor – Asha Bhosle (Paapi)
Socho ji socho ji zamana kya kahta hai – Rafi & Asha Bhosle (Zamana Badal Gaya)
Dil jo na kah saka – Rafi/ Lata Mangeshkar (Bheegi Raat)
Koi kah de kah de zamane se ja ke – Asha Bhosle (Bahaareir Phir Bhi Ayengi)
Rakesh Srivastava
Apni kaho kuchh meri suno – Talat Mahmood and Lata Mangeshkar (Parchhain)
Kahta hai joker (Mera Naam Joker)
Jo tumko ho pasand wohi baat akhenge – Mukesh (Safar)
Na bole tum na maine kucch kaha – (Baaton Baaton Mein)
Suniye kahiye (Baaton Baaton Mein)
Suno kaho suna kaha – (Aap Ki Kasam)
Kuchh kahta hai ye saawna – (Mera Gaaon Mera Desh)
Baat karni mujhe mushqil kabhi aisi to na thi – Mehdi Hasan
Kaise kahein hum pyar ne humko – (Sharmilee)
Zara sun lo hum apane pyar ka afsana kahte hain – Lata Mangeshkar (Bazar)
Angrezi mein kahte hain –Kishore Kumar (Khuddar)
Papa Kahte hain – Udit Narayan (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak)
Ik baat kahun gar mano tum – Golmaal
Soch rahi thi kahun ya na kahun – (Ek Phool Chaar Kaante)
Kehna hi kya – (Bombay)
Dil cheez kya hei..bas ek baar mera kaha maan lijiye (Umrao Jaan)
Mana teri nazar mein—kaise kahein tere talabgar hain hum (Ahista Ahista)
Kaun kahta hai ki mohabbat ki zuban hoti hai – Jagjit-Chitra Singh
Agar hum kahein aur wo muskura dein – Jagjit-Chitra Singh
Kal chaudavi ki raat thi..kuch ne kaha ye chaand hai – Jagjit Singh
Wo chup rahein to mere dil ke daag jalte hain – Lata Mangeshkar (Jahan Ara)
Koi ye kah de gulshan gulshan – Begum Akhtar
Maai ri main kaase kahun peer apne piya ki – Lata Mangeshkar (Dastak)
Kah rahin hain dhadkane pukar kar – Talat Mahmood & Geeta Dutt (La Pari)

217 D P Rangan September 6, 2016 at 6:29 pm

After winnowing the chaff you have put up a long list conforming to the theme in all respects. It means the suggestions were not very much off the mark. When it is given the final approval, I will attempt to codify it for future records. It is a herculean task you have accomplished. You must have analysed each song and included it. If there are representations galore, the one member bench headed by Judge Jignesh will have to adjudicate. Considering he is as industrious as an act, how he will find time to do this would be a nine days wonder.

218 D P Rangan September 6, 2016 at 6:31 pm

Sorry for slip. Please read “as industrious as an ant”

219 N Venkataraman September 7, 2016 at 12:44 pm

Ranganji has aptly said – “winnowing the chaff”. Listening to the mukhdas (I assume) of roughly 350 songs and selecting theme-compliant 150+ songs is an extraordinary task indeed. It is also heartening for those who have posted the songs. Thanks a lot.
Thank you for allowing me to retain the Fair play Award.

220 Nasreen September 8, 2016 at 6:39 pm

AK: Re your post on naming an award for Mumbaikar8, since you have asked for readers’ views, I like “Malika-e-SoY” the most.

But wouldn’t it be best to ask Mumbaikar8 herself for her preference?

221 AK September 8, 2016 at 10:55 pm

It may be awkward to accept the recipient. Your preference noted. Let us see how the Judge Jignesh rules.

222 Jignesh Kotadia September 9, 2016 at 2:09 am

so you have determined not to release me from this Judgeship !! 🙂 🙁

223 D P Rangan September 10, 2016 at 8:41 am


Ek kahavat hai : People who ride the tiger cannot get off it. Since you claim to be below 40, you are the permanent judge of SoY like permanent members of Security Council. Bite the bullet and adjudicate when called for. You can perhaps request AK to write posts with no possibility of dilution of the main theme in future to avoid opening flood gates.

224 Jignesh Kotadia September 12, 2016 at 1:29 pm

thanks for notifying me that i am on a tiger !
i wasnt confident enough but now i knew that where there is a Djokovic there is a Wawrinka.

as far as “Dilution” is concerned, i am not in favor to arrest it completely. It is the characteristic property of SoY, to jump from one topic to another, thru which SoY is flourished upto this higher level. This Dilution thing has earned too much knowledge and important data about music to this forum. Even this tornament has also added enough thrill and unearthed many gems here.

225 Vinay November 19, 2016 at 8:32 pm

I feel I am too small to even contemplate commenting in this forum..

But i have just one small Q

“Na bole na bole na bole re, radha na bole ..”

Does this one fit this theme?


226 AK November 20, 2016 at 3:00 am

Welcome to SoY here. We are all equal here. Na bole na bole is slightly off as it does not show any conflict.

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