SD Burman

Ten best songs (solos) composed by SD Burman

SD Burman October 31, 2015

A tribute to SD Burman on his 40th death anniversary (1 October 1906-31 October 1975) Music evokes strong emotions. Therefore, it is natural that SoY has seen serious difference of views on songs, singers, music directors and a whole host of related issues. But none has been as sharp as mine with Dinesh’s. It is […]

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Kishore Kumar’s duets by SD Burman

SD Burman and Kishore Kumar October 13, 2014

A tribute on Kishore Kumar’s death anniversary October 13 It is befitting that I am completing my (renewed) series on SD Burman with the singer he was most fond of. With 115 songs, he gave Kishore Kumar more songs than any other (male) singer. Surjit Singh’s site indicates that out of this only 53 were […]

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Hemant Kumar’s songs by SD Burman

SD Burman and Hemant Kumar September 17, 2014

Hemant Kumar, a singer-composer par excellence, and SD Burman, a Titan among singer-composers. And the former was quite open to singing for other composers too. That brought the two great Bengalis together. Hemant Kumar was another name for melody and sweetness – he is among those who never sang anything which was less than extremely […]

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Rafi’s duets by SD Burman

SD Burman and Rafi July 31, 2014

A tribute to Rafi on his death anniversary, July 31 If you revisit my earlier post on Rafi’s songs (solos) composed by SD Burman, along with the readers’ comments, you realise the high regard in which the music lovers hold their combination. In spite of his known fondness for Kishore Kumar, SD Burman had something […]

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Suraiya’s songs by SD Burman

SD Burman and Suraiya June 15, 2014

A tribute on her 85th birth anniversary, June 15   SD Burman getting into Navketan camp and Suraiya’s intense romance with Dev Anand meant that there would be a number of songs of this singer (and actor)-composer pair. Since SD Burman made his debut late, his songs for Suraiya are much less compared to, say, […]

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East meets West: Shamshad Begum’s songs by SD Burman

SD Burman and Shamshad Begum April 23, 2014

A tribute on Shamshad Begum’s first death anniversary April 23 As the ethnic stereotypes go, no two people can be further apart from each other than a Bengali and a Punjabi. SD Burman and Shamshad Begum were the leading lights of the two extremes – East Bengal and the West Punjab, yet when they combined they […]

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Talat Mahmood’s songs by SD Burman

Talat Mahmood and SD Burman March 6, 2014

My last post on Talat Mahmood’s songs by Anil Biswas reminded me that last year when I had ‘closed’ my series on SD Burman, Venkatarmanji and some other readers mentioned some more singers who gave memorable songs with Dada. Talat Mahmood was one of the names mentioned. They fit in very nicely. SD Burman was […]

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The ultimate SD Burman: His pure Bengali songs

SD Burman November 10, 2013

In the radio era, when the faintest strains of Sun mere bandhu re or O re majhi mere sajan hain us paar fell into my ears from a distant radio, I would be inexorably drawn towards it, as if pulled by a magnet. SD Burman’s either of these two songs would tower over twenty other […]

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Remembering SD Burman’s Manna Dey

SD Burman and Manna Dey October 31, 2013

Mera sab kuchh mere geet re sang Manna Dey for SD Burman in Zindagi Zindagi. In a sad coincidence, in the midst of my SD Burman series, Manna Dey passed away exactly a week ago at the age of 94 (b. 1 May 1919, d. 24 Oct 2013). Today happens to be SD Burman’s death […]

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SD Burman’s Bengali songs and their Hindi versions

SD Burman October 22, 2013

Multiple Version Songs (14) With this post my SD Burman journey is intersecting Ashok Vaishnavji’s mega-project on multiple version songs. My journey has taken many interesting turns. I started with the idea of doing a post on my top ten favourite songs of SD Burman, which would have included his film as well non-film Hindi […]

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